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Anatomy of Yoga Poses (Asanas)

By Dr. Prafulla Dorle - Dr. Prafulla is a Doctor, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. He has a rich experience in the Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga practices. He is teaching and practicing yoga for the last 10 years along with his medical profession.

The practice of asana is one aspect of yoga that we will look into in detail.

There are various methods of practicing the asanas or yogic positions. Some consider it as a type of exercise and some feel that sweating is important during the practice. These practices are known as power yoga or hot yoga. While practicing the positions we should know the importance of the practice and the effects on the body.

The effects of yoga practiced in the traditional way are different from the way it is often practiced in the west.

Let us see some of the effects of yoga practice at the anatomical level on the body.

Dr. Prafulla Dorle