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Women and Backache

By Dr. Prafulla Dorle - Dr. Prafulla is a Doctor, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. He has rich experience in Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga practices, he is teaching and practicing yoga for the last 10 years along with his medical profession.

Backache : (Gynaecological problem?) In gynaecological practice it is often said that there is no woman without backache. It is a very common condition, right up there with the common cold. Even though it is true that backache is a very common problem in women the cause is not always gynaecological. Most frequently it may be because of some orthopedic problems.

Let's try to understand the causes of backache in women.

Yoga Therapy for Backache

The Vajrasan series, especially when holding for longer periods of time, covers all these four aspects.

Precaution -

Forward bending asanas should not be practiced by people suffering from sciatica and slipped disc.

Dr. Prafulla Dorle