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Pregnancy and Yoga

By Dr. Prafulla Dorle - Dr. Prafulla is a Doctor, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. He has rich experience in Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga practices, he is teaching and practicing yoga for the last 10 years along with his medical profession.

Pregnancy and Yoga

Pregnancy is the symbol of creative consciousness of the divine power. Harmony in the mothers mind, body and soul is important for the emotional, physical and spiritual development of the child. Regular practice of yoga before conception is the ideal preparation for pregnancy. The mother can increase her flexibility by yoga positions, increase her vitality with pranayama and meditation can help in spiritual development. The practice of yoga helps the mother to become a good host for arrival of the new soul.

Awareness of consciousness during pregnancy, emotional attachment and physical preparedness for pregnancy are very important.

Preparation Before Pregnancy

Effects of yoga nidra during pregnancy

Yoga nidra helps to relieve the fear and anxiety of the processes of child birth. It is a process of conscious dreaming and meditation which helps in the development of the baby. It also helps for relaxation and sufficient rest for the mother. It helps to improve the emotional attachment between the mother and child. During yoga nidra the child listens to the heart beat of the mother and feels comfortable. It also helps to increase the mental peace and calmness in the mother.

Effects of pranayama during pregnancy

Pranayama supplies sufficient oxygen for the mother and the baby. It helps to remove the metabolic waste from the mother?s body and helps the relaxation of the nervous system. The rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm is useful to improve the blood circulation and the breath holding process is helpful during child birth.

Effects of OM chanting during pregnancy

Omkar chanting helps to lower the blood pressure, reduce mental tension and stress. It also helps to improve the function of the heart by gently massaging it. Chanting OM also helps in the spiritual development of the baby because of the sound and positive vibrations.

To conclude, yoga is very beneficial for women during pregnancy, it helps to prepare the body, mind and spirit of both the women and baby.

Dr. Prafulla Dorle