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Yoga for Children

By Dr. Prafulla Dorle - Dr. Prafulla is a Doctor, senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. He has rich experience in Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga practices, he is teaching and practicing yoga for the last 10 years along with his medical profession.

Yoga for Children

Childhood is the time to play, to enjoy, and to be cheerful! It is the time when your life is free from worry, stress and tension. The world around is limited and the needs of life are less. At the same time it is the time for development and growth. The time when the child develops habits and the life and lifestyle is moulded. It is the basis of the future health of the individual. The child is full of energy which needs to be expressed in a proper direction.

The practice of yoga during childhood helps for self expression. It develops self discipline and self confidence. The communication skills of the child improve, the child learns to respect others, develops love and compassion. On the physical level it increases strength, improves the stability and co ordination. The balancing and flexibility of the body are enhanced.

The importance of yoga for common childhood complaints is as follows :


It is true that the practice of yoga is helpful during childhood but it is to be remembered that yoga is a double edge sword and so some precautions need to be considered. The organs and systems in children are not fully developed. The yogic poses should not be maintained for long as it may cause development of abnormal curvature in the soft developing bones. The balancing poses are to be practiced with caution to prevent injuries from falling down. Also holding breath during breathing practices should be avoided to prevent damage to the brain due to lack of oxygen and the practice of bandhas and cleansing processes should be totally avoided during childhood.

At the end it can be said that a proper, guided practice of yoga during childhood will make the child healthier, smarter and more intelligent.

Dr. Prafulla Dorle