Basic Vegetable Curry
Basic Vegetable Curry

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• 250gms vegetables – chopped
• 1 tsp oil
• ½ tsp mustard seeds
• ½ tsp cumin seeds
• Pinch asafoetida
• 4-5 curry leaves
• ¼ tsp turmeric
• ½ tsp coriander powder
• Pinch chilli powder
• Grated ginger
• Fresh coriander leaves
• Sugar / jaggery and salt to taste
• Fresh or dried coconut
1. Cut up vegetable into small pieces (1-2 cm) depending on the vegetable.
2. Heat the oil then add the mustard seeds. When they pop add the cumin, ginger and remaining spices.
3. Add the vegetables and cook. At this point you may want to fry the vegetables until they are cooked or add some water, cover the pot and simmer. It will depend on the vegetables being used and individual preference. Cooking time will also vary depending on the vegetables used.
4. When the vegetables are cooked add any sugar, salt, coconut and coriander.
           You can vary the spices used depending on your preference – you may increase the chilli, ginger or coriander, or decrease others. There are many other spices that can be added such as ajwain, fennel, aniseed, cinnamon, clove, garam masala, cardamom, tamarind etc. In Maharashtra a few tsps of roasted peanut powder is often used. You can experiment with ground peanut, almond, cashew etc 
            Any vegetables can be prepared in this way. You can experiment with dry and wet curries, combine vegetables, mash tomatoes as a base with the spicy mix, combine cooked lentils and so on. If you are using more than one vegetable be aware of which vegetables take longer to cook and add them first.
It’s up to you to be creative!