Millet Bread

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• ½ kg Jawar or Bajra flour (millet flour)
• Water – there should be enough that the dough is soft, not too dry or too wet but kneadable
• ½ tsp salt
1. Mix flour and salt together.
2. Make a well in the middle of the dry mixture and add water little by little, mixing it with your hands.
3. Knead the dough until it is smooth.
4. Make balls the size of a golf ball by rolling the dough in between your palms.
5. Flatten a ball in between your palms then dip in flour.
6. Palm this circle even flatter by rotating it around as you squeeze in between your palms and fingers.
7. Put it on the board and give it circular shape like chapatti but with hands not by rolling pin.
8. Place Bhakri on the hot frying pan. Sprinkle water on it and spread over one side of the bhakri.
9. Place the bhakri on the pan with the water covered side up. Cook for 10-15 seconds and then turn the bhakri over. Bake the water side of the bhakri until it browns.
10.Remove the bhakri and put the upper side directly on the open flame. When it puffs up or browns it is ready.
• Note – when making bhakri you need to work very fast as it quickly dries out and then   the dough breaks apart.