Fried Savoury Mung Cakes

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• ½ cup mung or urid dal (urid dal is especially good for dahi vada)
• 1 tsp coconut pieces
• 5 curry leaves (chopped)
• 2-4 pinch salt
• 1 tsp grated ginger
• Oil
1. Cover mung dal with water and leave for 10 hours. Strain and grind.
2. Add coconut pieces, curry leaves, ginger and salt to the ground mung dal and mix together.
3. Heat oil and add 1 Tbsp vada mixture (If you have a Vada machine you can use it to make donut shapes, if not then just fry spoonfuls)
4. Cook until brown and drain. Can also cook until lightly browned then drain. When ready to eat fry a second time to make them more brown and crispy.
Dahi Vada - Put the vada in water for 5 minutes, immediately after frying. Then squeeze out the vada so the oil is removed. Cover the vada with blended smooth yogurt, then date chutney and coriander leaves to garnish. Add some chat masala on the top or cumin powder, chilli powder, black salt or dry mint powder. These spices can also be blended with the yogurt.
Sambhar Vada – Eat the vada with sambhar and coconut chutney.