Karma Yoga

Author: Julian Hoyos Velez

Julian Hoyos Velez

Karma Yoga is the Yoga of action or work. Its aim is to bring integration, harmony and union trough action. It is through Karma Yoga that we all start to practice yoga 24 hours a day utilizing our actions as a mean to gain higher awareness.

Karma Yoga implies something for greater and more profound than work. It implies selfless, concentrated actions, with awareness. The motto of Karma Yoga is to: give-give-and give. The prevailing motto in the world is the opposite: take-take-and take and take more, and this is one of the main problems in the world, people are selfish, thinking only of their necessities. Many times we do not care about others if we can get our desires. One of the basic precepts of Karma Yoga is: don’t be attached to your actions and their consequences. Work is generally done with a motive and expectations of results or reward. It is from attachment, not from work itself, that we become unhappy and discontented. Detachment brings about calmness and contentment. Try to work selflessly, whether teaching yoga, working in an office or doing anything.

The very essence of Karma Yoga is unselfishness; egoless or selfless work, or at least as much as one is able.

In Karma Yoga, work with total renunciation is called “ Nishkana Karma”-“selfless work”. Though no fruits are expected, it actually brings the greatest fruits; it brings peace of mind, higher awareness and knowledge.

Try to practice selfless work, means doing your work with intensity, detachment and awareness. This is not easy at first, but it becomes easier.

It is your privileged to do Karma Yoga for your own happiness and spiritual evolvement. Don’t expect anything in return.

Mahatama Gandhi: Karma Yogi

Mahatama Gandhi was a master in Karma Yoga. Gandhi saw that every action he did was past of the divine process of the universe in accordance with the will of the cosmic consciousness he was only an instrument, a mere witness of his actions, he was a Karma Yogi.

There is a Sat guru in South of India, she is a Karma Yogi too and she encourages her disciples to practice Karma Yoga, and they built hospitals, schools and universities all over South of India. They helped people in many disasters like the Tsunami in 2004 or the earthquake in Gujarat. If more people practice Karma yoga, the world will be different.

Awareness in Karma Yoga is essential. It is important to develop the ability to do the work in hand while simultaneously being a witness to the action.

Work combined with certain amount of introspection in the form of meditative practices is the way to remove mental problems and gain peace.

If the work is slowly transferred into Karma Yoga, then your spiritual progress will be rapid. You will literally “fly” into the realms of higher awareness and knowledge. The path of Karma Yoga accepts the material world around us; it accepts that we must function in the world, but its aim is to utilize the objects, thoughts and actions that now bind each individual, in a constructive manner to eventually transcend them, break the bandage and attain freedom and knowledge.

It is done progressively by acting in everyday life, with full awareness, to the best of our ability.

To finish, Swami Satjananda Saraswati said:

“To abide by the law of Karma Yoga is an uphill task but surely not an impossible one. The Karma Yogi goes on his way through small day-to-day events. The test lies in trying the attitude of man towards daily problems, severe and ordinary. The one who can detach himself from the existing effects of joyful events, and from maddening effects of sorrowful events is a Karma Yogi in the true sense of the word, for he has offered all he has. For such a man, prayer does not mean remembrance for a few routine minutes, but it means offering of the whole, full life. For such a person, then life itself becomes a constant prayer. Make your life a constant prayer by dedicating yourself to Karma Yoga.

“The views above are solely those of the author. may or may not agree with all statements.”

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