Kundalini Yoga. How is this going to help the problems in my life?

Author: Seema Shetty

Seema Shetty

Many of us have decided to get onto the “spiritual path” to explore who we really are. This however is unnecessary. We don’t need to “get onto” it. ALL of us on earth are on the spiritual path. The majority of us just don’t know it. 

I have read a quote that summarizes it all: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Our soul, which is a part of the Supreme Divine Being, is a free and unlimited being. But our soul has taken on a dense and restricted earthly form to experience the evolution of life. 

This earthly form is like a drop of water from the ocean being removed from the ocean and placed into a container. The drop is still part of the ocean and therefore has all the essences and knowledge that made up the “ocean” – however, it has been temporarily separated and in this separation, it has forgotten who it really is.

As human beings, we have forgotten what it is like to be our soul, to be our true Self. The aim of mankind is to remember who we really are and to reconnect with the Divine. This process of remembering and getting back to our true Self is evolution: evolving our physical body and mind to consciously connect to our soul and thereby connecting back to the “ocean”, the Divine.

Our soul operates on an extremely high vibrational level. The human body however carries an extremely dense vibration. All negative thoughts and emotions clog up our human bodies and this makes us dense and vibrating at a low level. For us to connect back with our soul, we need to raise our vibrations much higher to the Soul level.

These blockages, which make us dense, are located within our chakras (“wheels” of pranic energy) in our body. There are 7 major chakras in our body, but they are not located in our physical body, but rather in our etheric body. Chakras are not visible to the naked eye, however, those who have their third eye open are able to see chakras, and those whose higher sentient senses are developed can feel the chakras. 

Even though these chakras are not located in our physical body, they do correspond with nerves that project outward from our spine. Each chakra relates to a specific emotional or mental state and attitude. These follow a logical path, starting from the base of our spine symbolizing base issues which are more earthly and survival-related in nature, moving up to higher mind consciousness, intuition and divine connection at the top of our head.

To raise our vibrational level in order to connect with our soul, it is required to clear these chakras so that they are made “lighter”. When we start clearing our chakras, a higher pranic energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine, starts moving upwards towards the top of our head. This energy is called the Kundalini. This Kundalini is our true potential power, the power of our soul that has been lying sleeping in our bodies till we remember who we are and why we are here.

The topic of Kundalini is extremely vast and too big to cover here in this article. Therefore, we will only explore a very basic perspective.

All this information about Kundalini sounds very fancy and spiritual, and to most common folk, their reaction would be “This all sounds great. But I don’t have time to think about my Kundalini and how to connect to my soul. I have more real problems to deal with / problems with my spouse / with my children who are going wayward / with my boss that is making my life miserable / with my life as I cannot find a job to support my family / with my rent as I don’t have money for the next payment / with my health as I have been suffering from an illness for how many years now with no cure / etc. The list is endless. What does the Kundalini mean to the common person and how can it help in his/her “real” world?

The 7 major chakras in our body and its related characteristics are:

  • Mooladhara / Root Chakra – located at the base of our spine – Security, non-possessiveness, fear, phobias, survival instincts.
  • Swadhishtana / Sacral Chakra – below the navel – Joy, happiness, pleasure, sexual desire
  • Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra – above the navel area – Self-esteem, vitality, ego, anger, hatred, jealousy
  • Anahata / Heart Chakra – located in the centre of our chest – Compassion, unconditional love
  • Vishuddhi / Throat Chakra – located in the throat – Communication
  • Ajna / Third Eye Chakra – located in the centre of our eyebrow area – Intuition, intelligence, connection to the mind
  • Sahasrara / Crown Chakra – on the top of our head. This chakra is not exactly in our body but just about our head – Self-realization

There are various books that go into detail about each chakra. The above is just the key points. There are other chakras in our body, e.g. Bindu and various other smaller chakras. However, we will only refer to these major 7 here.

Chakras reflect the sum total of all our thoughts, emotions and actions. Everything that has happened and is happening in your life is reflected in these chakras, and interestingly enough, is also governed by them. 

Our chakras act in two ways: 

  • like storage vaults - where we store all information about our life experiences, and therefore is our “calling card” of who we are
  • like magnets - drawing to them more of what is already inside them

When you have a negative experience, that frequency or vibration of that issue gets lodged in its respective chakra. When you go about your daily life, it watches out for any situation that matches its frequency. When it encounters it, it attracts it into your life. An employee that has issues with their boss, keeps finding that they keep encountering the same “type” of boss no matter how many jobs they change. Unless the issue is resolved in the employee, they will keep attracting the same type of boss. Once the issue is resolved, the chakra will not be attracted to that frequency any more, and therefore the employee will not experience this negative situation any more.

If we have positive information in our chakras, it will only attract more of the same frequency of experiences. A happy-go-lucky person usually finds only happy experiences in their life. We all have positive experiences in our lives, but we usually don’t think twice about them. However, it is important to pay more attention to these positive situations so that we attract more of the same. An “attitude of gratitude” is the secret key to ensure that you will have more of such experiences. For any positive situation or thing or person, no matter how small or big, express your gratitude to the Divine. This feeling gets lodged in your chakras and therefore will bring you more of the same.

The negative situations in our life usually take up all our mental space. There are two ways to help heal the negative situations in your life:

  • Tackle it head on by thinking right, feeling right and acting right. This is easier said than done. It is very easy to follow this principle when things are good in your life. When things are bad and stressful, that is the true test, and we all know how difficult it is to keep our balance completely through them. However, those who do manage to follow this principle will end up automatically clearing their chakras. And therefore, only attract more good and positive experiences in their life. 
  • Approach the situations from a reverse perspective by working on your chakras – Clearing the chakras will automatically loosen the magnetic pull of these negative experiences. These situations are no longer attracted to you, and so even if you do come across them, they do not affect you anymore. For current negative situations that you are in, by diligently working on your chakras, you will find that either the situation dissolves itself or you are better equipped mentally and emotionally to deal with them.

There are various ways to clear your chakras. One of these ways is Kundalini Yoga.

Asanas and Pranayamas, while working on the body and mind, also affect chakras. As the body is being cleared of blockages on a physical level, this automatically has the same clearing impact on a chakra level.

Certain asanas target specific chakras. Of course, there is a peripheral effect on other related areas as well when you are working on one chakra. There are various classes, institutions and books that teach Kundalini Yoga. A specific set of asanas and pranayamas practices are required to be carried out for certain chakras. You can work on those practices for the chakra that is out of balance for you.

You can also start working on all your chakras, whether you feel they are out of balance or not. If you are already a Yoga practitioner, you can carry out a Sadhana programme of asanas and pranayamas that will help you clear your chakras in a systematic and safe way. An example of a Sadhana programme is available in the book “Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati”. If you are new to Yoga practices, it is advisable to find a teacher who can guide you in the right practices rather than taking your instructions from a book.

It is important to be aware that when you start working on clearing your chakras, that this may be a mentally and emotionally sensitive time for you, as  you are faced with dealing with difficult issues as they are being cleared. But this eventually is a good thing, as you are clearing your issues. Just being aware of yourself when you are in the process of chakra clearing will allow you to deal with the changes in a balanced manner.

Most of us find it difficult, almost impossible, to find solutions for certain problems in our lives. We may feel that we have hit a roadblock and do not know which way to turn. Kundalini Yoga is a great answer as it works on the problems from a different perspective.

Additionally, while Kundalini Yoga helps problems in your life, this also leads to progression on your spiritual path, without you even realizing it. “Progress on your spiritual path” means a divine connection. And by consciously connecting to the divine, you are in effect having a two-way intuitive conversation with that Higher Power that acts as a Personal Advisor to guide you in every aspect of your daily life, no matter how big or small it may be.

“The views above are solely those of the author. may or may not agree with all statements.”

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