Om Meditation

Author: May Hyun Duin

There are different types of meditation and ways to focus and concentrate the mind. One of the most effective ways to do so is to recite OM, which means God of Sound.

Everything is energy.  The sound of OM converts the vibrations in your whole body and mind into energy.  It is the sound of the soul.  

You have to chant OM from your heart and not from the mouth.  Say it with intensity and feeling.  Lose yourself and your ego in the sound.  OM is also beneficial for states of depression or stress. There are even personal benefits from chanting OM for 30 minutes each day, which can cures physical and mental discomfort.

The proper way to pronounce OM is to chant for 2 seconds AA, 3 seconds OO and 5 seconds the MM. Just as meditation on an object entails concentration on it, it also entails identification with it. By using tools of meditation, we are able to transcend duality. Habitual distinctions between subject and object disappear. One who concentrates on OM becomes OM.  One who meditates on a divine being becomes the divine being.

OM is the symbolic sound of the Cosmic Being. OM is the universal mantra and can be used by everyone, any time, without restriction, as can its equivalents, Amin and Amen.

An excellent method to calm the mind, to tame its wandering tendency, and to gain the ability to concentrate during the meditation practice is to chant OM loudly for as long as you can!

Hari Om!


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