Well balanced diet Ayurveda Perspective

Overeating  makes the body fat and heavy, and under eating makes it weak and nervous. The proper balance must therefore be found between the needs of the body and the quantity of food absorbed – Ayurveda

This shows how a well balanced taken in the right quantity with all the right nutrients provides proper the nourishment for us.  In the beginning man ate plants, roots and wild fruit. Those who lived in cold and snowy places consumed fish and meat as they were unable to find anything else. But nowadays we eat artificial and stimulants and naturally has lost our natural instinct for healthy food.

So how our food intake should be? First and foremost it should be fresh, clean and as much as possible untreated. The diet should include raw food such as green salads, vegetables, fruit, cereal, milk and dairy products (cheese and yogurt) and honey. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can be added. Greasy, fried food should be avoided as it is bad for liver.

Well  Balanced Diet- Important Factors

Nourishing Food – For increased energy and vitality

Eat in moderation – Stop before feeling full because this will make body feel light, active and energy and eating more than we need will make the body go out of shape, damages health, reduces our efficiency and shortens our life span.

Food eaten should be thoroughly masticated – food must be chewed properly ( at least 10-15 times and must be soaked in saliva which forms pulp and juice. 

Meals also should be eaten slowly in peace and calm (silence ;-) ) and with positive mental attitude. It is also good to do fasting( without food but can consume fruit juice and lemon water ) weekly or fortnightly which will purify body. Heavy food should be avoided in the evening especially before bed ( at least 3 hours ). Don't eat before hungry, never depend on stimulants and satisfy greed with eating . vital is other rules to be followed. Overloading the digestive system is like “digging our grave with fork and spoon.”

Drinking water is also should be done in small sips and by gulping down since the water too need to be masticated with saliva so that the body absorbs large amount of Prana in it. The water should not be too cold or hot. We also should not drink  while eating as it dissolves  gastric juices and causes swelling in stomach. So it is better to drink water half an hour before and after meals. Ayurveda says a glass of water before bedtime and after wake up will wash out the bad organism. It is also people who do not drink enough water always anaemic, with constipation and dry skin.

Well balanced diet is a remarkable asset affects not only body but general well being of mind too.

 Ideal Diet

In Ayurveda and is considered responsible for physical , mental and spiritual well being. Wrong diet can cause disorders. Ayurveda and Yoga divides food into Satvik (pure and superior quality), Rajasik (medium quality) and Tamasik (inferior quality). 

Satvik food includes fresh fruits and  vegetables, green salads, lentils, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh butter hazelnuts, almonds and dried fruits, honey, rice and dishes with small quantity of whole wheat flour.

Rajasik food if mostly partly vegetarian and non vegetarian diet such as melted butter, sugar, sweets, fried foods, meat , fish and meat. These food which are normaly fried, spicy which destroy the satvik elements in it that will cause illness and pain.

Tamasik food consist of food which is mostly non vegetarian, pungent, stale, unclean, rotten, decomposed and dried up which has adverse effect on physical and mental balance. 

Ayurveda and Yoga strongly against Tamasik food for people over fifty or people  who have chosen spiritual path. Only Satvik food is recommended.

According to Ayurveda our food can be divided into two group – alkaline and acid. Certain group of food can produce alkaline blood and certain group of food can produce acid blood. It is known that the  acid blood provides energy and the alkaline blood nourishes the organs, nerves, glands, bones, marrow as it destroys germs and protect us from illness which leads to physical and mental well being. The ideal blood proportion should be alkaline 75% acid 25 %. Some say 80%- 20% ratio. But in Ayurveda/ Yoga says 60%-70% alkaline is satvik blood (purest form of blood)  If the proportion is 50%-60% it falls under Rajasik Category and below 50% alkaline is Tamasik category. This is why we should take care of keeping the balance of blood according to the ratio above by regulating our diet and knowledge of food that is rich in alkaline elements.

The alkaline category foods that contains all vitamins and minerals that we need includes sweet and sour fruits, green vegetables, various lentils, milk, yogurt, fresh butter and honey.

The acid category food includes meat, fish, eggs, cereals and rice.

Greasy foods such as oil, butter, margarine, lard do not belongs to any category but it is better to take food cooked in them such as fried eggs, meat cooked in oil, cakes made with butter and other oily substances should be eaten in very little as possible.

A well balanced diet needed to preserve good health. If we knew how to eat properly, it would develop spiritualy and mentally and we will remain healthy and vigorous until old age.

 “The views expressed above are solely those of the author. may or may not agree with all views presented.”

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