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March 2008 Therapy course


Therapy Training Course

12th March to 9th April 2008

I would highly recommend this course to any yoga teacher who would like to learn more about teaching each student as an individual case. The teachers and staff are incredible and the energy and atmosphere are positive.

- Karen Noonan (USA)

The yoga therapy course was great, to deepen my knowledge of yoga in a more scientific way and as a curative medicine. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

- Sofia Araujo (Denmark)

Loved everything about the course.

- Nikolina Ivanova (USA)

Good course with good speakers. Interesting subject which requires lots of work after the training, but good conditions to learn and start practicing yoga therapy.

- Sylvain L (France)

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be here to learn here and about the course in every aspect. I really enjoyed and learnt and improved every aspect of my life- physical, mental and spiritual dimension.

- Teresa Rodriques (Portugal)

A very good course in a tremendously powerful place. I learnt a lot in a single month. Very well organized, high quality lectures and practical classes. Congratulations!!!

- Tiago da silva boto (Portugal)

It’s been an experience of personal growth.

- Lidia Canadell (Barcelona, Spain)

Chanting continues to be one of my favorite practices and the Gurukul is a wonderful place for this. Saturday sunset Havan and evening bhajans are truly wonderful for one’s soul. Deepening my knowledge of yogic practices with a focus on therapy has been interesting and informative. I’m looking forward to putting what I have learned here into practice and to spreading more yoga in the world.

- Heather Ferris (Zambia)