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Rules and Regulations
Teacher Training Course
Yoga Teacher Training course for Beginners. (250 Hour Program).
Admission Open
Yoga Treatment &
Beginners program of Asanas, Pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda
Admission Open
Advance Yoga Course
Diploma in Yogic Studies Advance Yoga practices for self 

Admission Open
Meditation & Pranayam
Practical training in various Meditation and Pranayama Techniques.
Admission Open
Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy
Yoga Ayurveda & Naturopathy practices in treatment of various 

Admission Open

Rules for Participants

1. Once admitted not allowed to leave the campus till the end of course.
2. Dress code; Complete white clothes if possible.
3. Complete silence during the whole course.( Questioning is allowed during the Q & A Session)
4. Time schedule to be followed strictly.
5. Self service everywhere in the Ashram.
6. The participant if found not to be following these rules you will be asked to leave the Ashram.
7. Primary medical help will be provided. If additional assistance is required the participant has to pay as required.
Course Coordinator reserves the right to enforce other necessary rules apart from all the above rules.