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Effect of Yoga Training Package On Heart Patients


Research Paper By -
Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik, Dr. Jayant Sohoni and Dr. Ramesh Varkhede Yoga Vidya Dham, Kaivalya Nagari, Nashik (INDIA).



Background - Yoga, being the process of normalization, is studied since thousands of years. The daily practice of Yoga brings the various unbalanced systems of the body to normal state. Hence we planned to study the effect of Yoga Training Package on heart patients in this experiment.



Effect of Omkar Chanting On Concentration, Memory And Level of Fatigue


Research Paper By -
Yogacharya Vishwas V. Mandlik (Kulaguru, Yoga Vidyapeeth. Nashik) Dr. Ramesh Varkhede (Reader in Chemistry, H.P.T. College. Nasik)



Abstract - Concentration is the measure of accuracy of work. Receiving power is the measure of understanding. Memory is a measure of ability to reproduce the knowledge that is known. The concentration, memory and the level of fatigue can be measured from the psychology based tests. Omkar recitation is an important yogic practice. The vibration due to Omkar meditation increases the efficiency of cells and the organs


Effect of Jalandhar Bandh On Blood Pressure


Research Paper By -
Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik



Background - It is observed that the blood pressure increases during the practice of Kumbhaka as there is excessive pressure developed in the lungs during the Kumbhaka. It is also warned strictly in all Yogic Texts to perform all the three Bandhas during Kumbhaka. The position and the description of the Jalandhar Bandha indicates that there is some relation in between increased blood pressure and Jalandhar Bandha. Jalandhar Bandha creates the pressure on the Carotial Sinus which in turn reduces the Blood Pressure. Hence the hypothesis is " Performing the Jalandhar Bandha in the proper way helps to reduce the Blood Pressure."


Effect of IAYT On Stress Induced Ailments


Research Paper By -
Nobuyoshi Murai No. 253/223 4th cross 1st block Jayanagar Bangalore


Abstract - Yoga is becoming popular in Japan. Stress and stress related ailments are increasing as life expectancy has increased due to decreased infant mortality. The first major cause of death in Japan is cancer, followed by heart disease. The medical expenses are increasing. In 1995 health insurance expenses were about 2,15,000 yens per person per year (collected as taxes). Yoga and Yoga therapy classes are popular in Japan. 80% of participants are ladies. This work is carried out in partial fulfillment of the nonresidential yoga therapy instructors course in Japan conducted at Yoga Niketan by VK YOGAS. Integrated approach of yoga therapy has beneficial effects. In Japan with very high level of stress at all ages, yoga can be a great boon to prevent problems of stress.



Effect of Yoga Diet on Weight


Research Paper By -

Yogacharya Vishwas V. Mandlik (Kulaguru, Yoga Vidyapeeth. Nashik) ,
Dr. Vidya Deshpande, Mr. Pravin Deshpande P.P. Nisargopachar & Yoga Center, Nasik, India


Abstract - More than 15 thousand patients have already been treated in our treatment center located in Nasik, India suffering from various diseases. Only vegetarian diet is provided to these patients, we prescribe special Natural Diet to all these patients to suit the disease. Keeping in mind the weight reduction, we have designed a special food package.



Yoga For Women - Effect on Weight, Waist, Hips and Chest - A study

Research Paper By -
Suneeta Vaze, Dr. N K Porwal, DR Asha Damodaran Brindavan Yoga Hall, BARC Staff Club, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai - 400 094



Abstract - We have compiled the data of 26 women who had been attending daily classes for at least 6 months. In this study the measurements of weight, waist and hip circumference, maximum value of chest after complete inhalation and minimum value after exhalation were recorded. All these women practiced various yogasanas followed by Pranayamas and relaxation techniques. They were given general instructions to follow moderation in dietary habits.

The cumulative probability distribution of the body weight in these subjects after yoga has shown that they can be divided in two population groups. 93% of women showed either decrease or no change in weight. All 3 women who were overweight reduced their weight. 81% of women showed a decrease or no change in waist and hip circumference. Chest flexibility increased in all subjects. The detailed analysis in this study shows that by doing yogasanas regularly the shape parameters and chest flexibility can be improved.



Effect of Yoga Nidra On EEGph ) ( Electro - Encephalo - Gra


Research Paper By -
Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik, Dr. Premchand Jain, M.D.D.P.M.F.I.P.S.Consulting Psychiatrist, Dr. Kiran Jain, M.S. (SURGEON) Arihant Nursing Home



Background - Yoga Nidra is very powerful process of meditation and relaxation. It is adopted by Paramhansa Swami Satyanand Saraswati of Bihar Yog School, Mungher. The practice of Yoganidra opens up deeper state of mind. Each time one practices Yoganidra, ones level of consciousness deepens and become more aware of subconcious mind and ultimately gives more relaxation. And also gets relieved of stress from the mind.



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