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"Paramhamsa Swami Satyananda - A Messenger of God"

The Great Yoga Guru Paramhamsa Swami Satyananda, a life which inspired millions on the path of yoga, took mahasamadhi at midnight on the 5th of december. He called his disciple, Swami Satsangi and told her that it was time for him to enter into mahasamadhi. He then sat down in Padmasana and left the body.

When a powerful yoga guru takes samadhi like Swamiji has taken, his blessings and energies become a million times more powerful. Anyone following his message and life teachings gains a lot of inspiration and positive energy by his blessings.

Swamijis life was all about Vairagya (detachment and dispassion), serving, loving and giving...

One day Swami Satyananda called Swami Satsangi and told her that, in a near by village there is a fire in a small hut. The man is dead and his widow is taking shelter under a tree with her three kids. Swami Satyananda told Swami Satsangi to help the family in need. When the search was carried out for the family the events had happened exactly as told by Swami Satyananda. The help was extended to the poor family by Swamijis ashram management.

The lady who was in trouble with her kids must have prayed for help from God, and her prayer must have been powerful enough to reach God, and God forwarded this prayer to Swami Satyananda, who, without any delay, extended the helping hand...

He was a messenger of God for people in need and he is still an inspiration for all...



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