Ideal Shavasana Position

Take the Shavasana position as explained in Session 1.

Along with the body, allow your mind also to relax. Try to minimize the thoughts in your mind. Neglect whatever stray thoughts come to your mind. Try to concentrate on your mind as well as on breathing. When body relaxes the breathing slows down. As the breathing becomes slow, mind also stabilizes. This is how the practice of this Asana keeps your body as well as your mind calm and quiet. But this practice has to be based on the perfect understating of the procedure.

To relax the body means, relax all the muscles. It is not necessary that, the muscles of your body just relax, if you stop all the movements of your limbs. There is always some tension in the muscles even when they are immobile. It is very essential for your mind to cope up with the body in order to remove this little part of the tension. In short, these tensions are to be removed only with the help of mind.

First Stage: is of course to stop all the movements and keep the body standstill.

Second Stage: By closing the eyes you have to try and reduce the tension on each and every muscle in the body with the help of your mind. When your mind is fully concentrated on your muscles, the tension in the muscles will reduce, which you can feel.

Third Stage: As the tension goes on reducing, the breathing will be slower. But please don’t force yourself to breath slowly or deeply. Breathing should automatically become slow. Or you can say that, it is a good sign if your breathing becomes slower. It shows that you are achieving perfection in Shavasana.

In this state if someone pulls your hand or leg upwards, and leaves it, then it should fall down lifelessly like a falling stone.