Benefits of Shavasana

Shavasana is the Asana,

  • Which gives you the maximum rest.
  • Which gives rest to Respiratory & Circulatory system.
  • As the activities of the muscles are reduced, the supply of blood and oxygen to them eventually reduces.
  • In short, because of the less fresh blood requirement, the participation of respiration system also reduces comparatively.
  • Naturally the activities of the respiratory system and blood circulation system are very slow and thus they get rest.
  • Which gives rest to Heart: Pumping of the heart also reduces and heart gets rest. In general the activities of body are reduced.
  • Which gives rest to Nervous System & Brain: The activities of nervous system are also reduced. Hence the brain gets rest when the body relaxes and the breathing is slower.
  • Which makes mind Stable: In turn the mind becomes stable and steady with slow breathing. So this Asana gives rest to the body as well as the mind.
  • Shavasana is useful to - people suffering from blood pressure and heart patients.
  • To get maximum rest in minimum time.