General Instructions

This Yoga Nidra can be practiced individually or together with any no of participants but in a room or closed hall. You have to follow the instructions given earlier under the sub heading Prerequisites Preparation Preposition.
Each person should be physically separated from each other This can be practiced at any time of the day.
Please maintain the same timing if you are practicing daily. This should be practiced with empty stomach. Allow at least three hours after meal and one hour after liquid diet. It is not advisable to practice it by yourself without the help of Qualified Instructor or prerecorded commentary.
The use of Prerecorded commentary will be made available in the “Practice Period”. Tailor made commentary supporting your resolution also can be made available on request. The founder of Yoga Nidra Swami Satayanand Saraswati had warned in the following paragraph of his book of Yoga Nidra for some of the achieved practices may bring about a deep state of relaxation and meditation It is very important, therefore, the mind be brought out of this state gradually.
An abrupt transition for this deep state to waking consciousness temporarily shocks the mind. And may cause a headache.
Similarly the depth of their relaxation frightens some people if they are brought out of relaxed state too quickly. In either case the subject should lie in shavasana and Practice awareness of breath until one becomes calm.

This case is already considered in our prerecorded commentary in further lessons of practice.