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Bandhas and Mudras in Pranayama

Bandh is a special characteristic of Hatha Yoga. The various types of bandhas have been described in Yoga texts. However none of them defines the term "Bandh" as such. The three types of bandhas, viz Jalandhar Bandh, Uddiyan Bandh and Mul Bandh have been described in many of the ancient texts. With the help of these descriptions, an attempt may be made to define the bandhas. Bandh may be defined as a particular action involving pressure or strain on the muscles. It is expected in Yoga to retain a firm pose in bandh as it is retained in the asanas. The bandhas are to be studied mainly while studying pranayama.

We will study pranayam in detail afterwards. Bandhas have been described in Hathapradeepika in the chapter relating to Mudras. In all, 10 mudras have been described in it. The chapter describes all the three bandhas as mudras.

There are three types of Bandha's :-