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Posture The body takes the shape similar to a plough ( Hala in Sanskrit ). Also as the plough makes the hard ground soft, in this asana the veins are stretched which reduces the stiffness of the body.
Pre position Supine Position.
  1. Exhale and inhaling, start raising both the legs upward and stop when they make angle of 90 degree with the floor. Attain the Uttanpadasana posture.
  2. Exhaling raise the waist, hips and push the legs backward over the head. Try to maintain the balance.
  3. After exhaling completely, push the legs further back and try to touch ground with toes. Keep the toes stretched.
  4. Continue normal breathing.
Position Keep the knees straight or else the expected pressure on the organs is not achieved. In this position head, the shoulders, toes and arms should rest on the ground. The chin pressed in Jalandhar Bandha.
  1. Exhale and inhaling lift the toes of the floor keeping the legs straight in knees.
  2. Continue inhaling and slowly keep the back on the ground and take the Uttanpadasana position.
  3. Exhaling, bring legs back to the normal position without jerk or speed.
Duration This asana is difficult initially, especially for women with heavy hips and men with big belly's. Initially you can take help of other person while raising the hips and waist. This asana should be maintained for 30 seconds after sufficient practice to get the desired results.
Internal Effects In this asana the spine is stretched fully in a curve. It becomes more elastic and its overall functioning is improved. Like in Sarvangasana Jalandhar Bandha is performed and the same advantages are achieved.
All the muscles from toes to waist are also stretched helping improvement in the functioning of veins.
This asana is also useful for gastric troubles, digestion problems.
Precaution Avoid jerks or speedy movements as it might cause some injury to the backbone. So the movements should be controlled at every stage of this asana.
People suffering from spleen and lever complaints should do this asana after consulting Yoga expert.
Do’s & Don’ts Do’s
- Keep the legs straight in knees with toes vertical on the ground over your head.
- Raise the entire back & buttocks off the ground.
- Legs are in one straight line.
- As far as possible, the back remains straight & vertical.
- Arms straight with palms on the ground.
- Shoulders resting on the ground.
- The chin resting in the sternal notch. (In Chin lock position)

Advanced variation –
- One can extend the toes backwards so that top of the foot rests on the ground.

- Do not bend the legs in knees.
- Do not move the neck or overstrain it in chin lock position.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh
Author :- Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik


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