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Omkar Chanting


Learn Omkar Chating - (Windows Media Audio) Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik

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Research Paper By -

Yogacharya Vishwas V. Mandlik (Kulaguru, Yoga Vidyapeeth. Nashik)
Dr. Ramesh Varkhede (Reader in Chemistry, H.P.T. College. Nasik)



According to the ancient Indian philosophical text i.e. BHAGAWAD GITA it is said that the AUM is the representation of the "Brahma" which is the origin and the energy source of the whole universe. In other words AUM represents God.

AUM is a root of all mantras. "Mantras" is a typical combination of words which affects the surrounding and human beings through the vibrations. These mantras are to be chanted for enormous number of times to get the results. The results are miraculous. Each and every mantra starts with AUM and mostly ends with AUM.

Patanjali had designed and caste the Science Of Yoga about 2400 years ago (i.e. 400 year BC) in the form of Yoga Sutras, he had explained AUM in Sanskrit verses (sutras).

In yogic practices the relation is of immediate and practical value. Patanjali could see that the relation between a form and the name is closest in AUM and has made use of this quality in his method of meditation.

AUM is composed of 3 elements, 'a', 'u' and 'm'. The fusion of these 3 elements is AUM or OM. The 3 alphabets are pronounced in series.

AUM can be seen through the eyes, listened to via ears and chanted via tongue. It is somewhat simpler to concentrate on the above 3 sense organs, so it is easy to concentrate the mind directly on the object. This is achieved by fixing AUM as a target for meditation on which 3 sense organs are focused. In addition to this the chanting of AUM has tranquilizing effect on the mind, which helps concentrate easily.



Advantages and effects of Omkar Chanting


  • It helps in Cleansing the mind.
  • Controlling the emotions.
  • Improves the concentration, memory and understanding capacity.
  • Relaxes Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
  • Charges the surrounding atmosphere.