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Yoga Trainer (Simple Yoga Techniques for Stress Relief with Audio and Video)


Download Yoga Trainer (Demo Version)


Yoga Trainer


  • Software for Stress Relief
  • Software for Back Problems
  • Includes Easy and Effective Yogic Techniques
  • Practice Sessions For Relief & Prevention
  • Personalized Yoga Program For Individuals
  • Online Support At www.yogapoint.com
  • Courses in Relaxation, Meditation, Pranayama, Yogasana, etc.
  • Latest Multimedia Audio and Video Technology



Yoga Trainer Software (Focus on Applied Yoga)


  • Standard Courses for Relief and Prevention from Stress and other problems
  • Personalized Program for individuals (therauptic and performance enhancement)
  • Relaxation, Meditation, YogaNidra, Pranayama, Yogasana & many more



Online Support - http://www.yogapoint.com
Get online help, Chat with Experts, Discussion forum, Online Courses



Benefits for Corporates


  • Improvement in qualities like adaptability, team spirit, fighting spirit, satisfaction, leadership, etc.
  • Improvements in analytical and mathematical skills, memory, concentration, understanding and neuromuscular coordination
  • Improving the behavior at workplace, improving attitude
  • Reduces the attrition rate
  • Enhances learning ability
  • Productivity - Increased efficiency, reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced costs - reduced medical expenses, hospitalization expenses


Download Yoga Trainer Document



Before you Install


This is Demo version and you must have internet connection to see the contents and various yoga audios. In full version, everything is on CD ROM, all videos and audios make it comprehensive Stress Management Package. This readme contains important, late-breaking information about Yoga Trainer. This file contains last-minute product information, updates to the Yoga Trainer documentation, and troubleshooting tips. Please refer to the user guide for installation instructions. For further troubleshooting and performance information, see the user guide or online Help. It contains the following sections :

Yoga Trainer Installation -


Before you install Yoga Trainer, it is strongly recommended that you read this file and the Yoga Trainer Installation Instructions.

The Yoga Trainer Installation Instructions provide detailed instructions for installing Yoga Trainer. Yoga Trainer, Courses downloadable from the Web Yoga Trainer, Courses are downloadable from the www.yogapoint.com.The yogapoint.com site demonstrates a wide range of the features provided by the YogaTrainer.



Installation and System Issues


System Requirements -

  • Computer System - Pentium 133 MHz or above
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000 & Internet Explorer4.0 or above
  • CD ROM Drive
  • Speakers
  • Internet Connection



Installation Issues


When installing Yoga Trainer to a hard drive other than your system or boot drive (usually C:), you will still need to have 13 MB free on your system drive to proceed with installation.

Evaluation version does not require CD ROM, but requires internet connection.



Using the Tour


Note - Click Start on your Windows desktop.
Select Run. Enter d:\Setup.exe where 'd' represents your CD-ROM drive. (Put the appropriate name for your CD-ROM drive on your machine)
Then Click OK

If there is error then you can Enter d:\setup.exe in the run window and click OK.


  • Select the folder where you want Yoga Trainer to be installed. It is advised that Yoga Trainer be installed in your Program Files folder.
  • Once the installation is done, click on 'Finish' to exit setup.
  • Now you will see the shortcut on your desktop from where you can start using Yoga Trainer by double clicking on it or else you can also access Yoga Trainer by clicking Start on you desktop, Programs - Yoga Trainer.
  • you can register yourself and start using Yoga Trainer.



Windows Media Player


You need to have Windows Media Player version 6.4 or above to play the videos and audios of the Yoga courses. If you do not have the specified version installed on your PC then please install the media player from the Yoga Trainer CD ROM.



Registration with Yoga Trainer


You need to register with Yoga Trainer before using it, so as to get your own personalized program. You can go through the quick tour first before filling the registration form. You need to fill in the forms properly so as to get the correct results and help you in getting a stress free bodyand mind.



Improving Performance and Troubleshooting


Whenever there is any problem with Windows media player, please test the following conditions : Your Windows Media Player should be of 6.4 or above version. Or you will have to re install it properly and download the latest updates from Microsoft's Site. You have to just go to the site of Microsoft and open the media player. Media Player will automatically download the updated contents.

Download Yoga Trainer (Demo Version)