Basic Vegetable Salad
Basic Vegetable Salad

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For vegetable salad you can mix any type of vegetable or only one vegetable. They can be chopped or grated, steamed or raw.
To add flavor any of the following can be added –
• Basic spicy mix - heat oil, add mustard seeds, when they pop add cumin seeds then curry leaves and asafoetida
• Salt and sugar
• Lemon/lime juice (don’t use it if you have tomato in the salad)
• Fresh coriander leaves – for western style you could use parsley, dill, basil, rocket, mint etc
• Fresh grated coconut
• Roasted peanut powder or whole roasted peanuts (other nuts or seeds like cashews, almonds, sesame seeds can be used)
• Yogurt
1. Cut fresh vegetables and steam if needed.
2. Add any other ingredients to taste
3. Add the basic spicy mix at the end. (in a separate pan heat oil and add the spices then add the mix to the vegetables)
4. Mix everything together and serve.