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January 2008 - Advance Yoga Course

Testimonials -
"My stay at the ashram was equally beneficial from a personal aspect and more in depth and advanced yoga learning. Great experience ! I recommend it."
Zoe Rothwell (Switzerland)

"It was a really good time during the advanced course. Not easy sometimes,
the course covered a wide range of yoga practises, asanas, pranyamas,
shatkarmas, mudras, meditation and mantras in theory and practise. During
the time in the ashram, old behaviours broke up and new ones could be
experienced. Yes, this month changed my life in some respect. Now I feel
more relaxed and more focused. I learned to be more neutral and balanced
when dealing with people. Communication and friendship seem to be easier now
for me. I liked the advanced course even more than the teacher training
Hilger Anton (Germany)

Hari Om!! Since graduated the first english TTC course (Jan2004), I come back 4 yrs later for the Jan 2008 advanced diploma yoga course.

Found some difference between these 2 courses,
i.e. gurukul is located at a place more beautiful and spiritual;
food taste changed a bit but still delicious;
more different people from all over the world comes for the courses;
the syllabus has been changed a bit.

However, there's one thing stay unchanged & this is the main reason for coming back. YVD is still the place to give you TRUE knowledge of Yoga. No matter which yoga u are practising, by understanding the traditional ancient yoga would help you to go alongs ur path of yoga. That's lucky to have course here & would like to thank all my friends here. Om Shanti!!!
Micha Chan (HongKong)

I attended the T.T.C last year in February which I enjoyed very much. I knew that although I have learnt a lot during the course,(not only about teaching but so much about myself as well) I would have come back one day to continue the study where Yoga is taught in the way it should. There is somenthing that is pulling me towards this ashram...could be the people working there, the teachers, or simply the great opportunity that one wants to be part of for the second time in their life...however, my experience is very hard to describe in words because it is somenthing so deep inside: it is this feeling that I have and for some reason (unknown to me) I have to do this. (I hope you understand, but I cannot think of a better way to describe this.)
The Pranayama and the cleansing techniques learned and practised have been so amazing that again one has to experience it to be able to understand what marvellous things happen to you...not only your body feels different (although very tired afterwards for the next two days,) your mind becomes clear, you are more alert and generally rejevinated.
I would recommend this advanced course for those who have an interest and passion to further explore what yoga can offer, and what it can help you achieve.
Hari Om Tat Sat
Luisa Pini (Italy)

Advance Yoga Course January 2008
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