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June 2007 - Advance Yoga Course

Testimonials -

The advanced course provided me with an in depth understanding of Patanjali’s Yoga sutras which gave me a greater understanding of Ashtanga Yoga. Overall the course has helped me to deepen my own practice and at the end of one month I was practicing asanas I never imagined I would be able to do. The cleansing techniques were a unique experience that I enjoyed. I would recommend this course to all yoga practitioners. I sincerely loved it!
Cassie Welch, New Zealand

The advanced course was a great opportunity for me to deepen my own practice and to gain a greater understanding of the yogic philosophy as well as revising asanas and learning many more. I enjoyed holding asanas for a greater period of time. The emphasis on pranayam gave me deeper insight into the powers of pranayam and I now feel more comfortable and inspired to practice the techniques. The cleansing techniques was one part of the course I was not sure about at the beginning but once I started to practice them I realized their benefits and that this was the perfect environment to practice them. Overall it was a comprehensive and enjoyable course that I would highly recommend.
Kate Woodworth, Australia

‘Partaking in the Advance Yoga Course gave me a great sense of achievement: physically, spiritually and mentally. Studying at the Ashram was a dream come true for me. It was a wonderful experience to be guided by tutors who are proficient in the yoga Sutras and the teaching of Patangali. I enjoyed my practical yoga classes with Mr. & Mrs Sharma, they are wonderful individuals with so much energy and enthusiasm for life and Yoga J this definitely transpired into their teachings. Their little treats from the Gods were wonderful – To you and me this is little sweet treats after a hard week J

As a result of my time at the Ashram my yoga practice / teaching and study has developed greatly. I found it easy to adopt the routines practiced at the Ashram into my daily life. I now practice twice a day and have time to study my many books purchased at the ashram. My teaching skills have improved greatly. I have returned to my daily life with a different and more positive outlook on life, what was of importance before I went to India is no longer of huge importance now. The Ashram made you feel like you were part of the Indian culture and part of a very special family. Try the course you won’t be disappointed and you will learn a lot about yoga and most importantly about yourself. Hari Om.

Catherine Hildyard | Group Administrator | Microsoft Ireland