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Photo of October 2007 Therapy course & Teacher training course together.


Therapy Training Course

About my impressions from the course and my stay in the ashram: excellent marks. It was the best experience I have had in an ashram, a yoga vacation and a spiritual retreat. I am very much content and I wish to come again, even to repeat the course; the information was very important, but it was impossible to assimilate everything in one month.

1. THE NATURE is the best for practicing yoga, meditation and being with yourself, to rest from the stress and pollution of city life, and to be in contact with nature which is unspoiled and with a very high and pure energy.

2. THE FAMILY can really inspire you in your spiritual path and at the same time gives you a very realistic view of yoga and traditional Indian values.

3. THE ASHRAM is completely oriented towards the needs of western people, it has incredible extras such as hot water, toilet paper, no fences and gates, small rooms with personal lockers and a safe, a washing machine, mobile phones are allowed, etc. Because the ashram is small there is a very family like atmosphere and because it is run by a Rishi family there is a balance of female and male energy and you can really feel at home.

4. THE VOLUNTEERS in the ashram are so simple and dedicated, absolutely no inflated ego or arrogance and always ready to satisfy all your demands, very sympathetic and radiate a very positive energy.

5. THE FOOD is the best Indian food I have ever tasted, with so much variety and really sattvic. The fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, drinking hot and cold water, self service as much as you want and you can always find food if you're hungry, tables and chairs - such luxury items are characteristic of a high class ashram.

6. THE PROGRAM of the course covers all the basic knowledge which is necessary for a yoga therapist. It gave me a very realistic view of yoga as a therapy. The fact that different lectures are presented by doctors, specialists in their field, gives depth to the course, but at the same time it is intensive and requires a background in anatomy, physiology and common diseases if you want to assimilate all the new information. Also it is important to know the classical asanas, pranayamas and their Sanskrit names, if possible, for which I personally recommend that you already have some experience as a yoga teacher. The asanas and pranayamas which are taught are a combination of different classical systems which doesn't limit you. What I valued most was the way in which the exams were conducted: you are given the questions in advance so that you can prepare and you can use all the sources as well during the exam. As they say, they want to check your understanding but not your memory, which is really admirable and very modern.

Although I ranked these points from 1 to 6 they all deserve to be in the first place. That is exactly what makes the ashram so valuable and attractive for me. I recommend to all my friends to visit it and I would very much like to come back again.

Temenuga Staykova (Tejomaya), Bulgaria

The course on yoga therapy gave me a good inside into what is possible from the healing point. The connection of the breath and body and over the self. After the course I could already in some cases be of help for example – back pain, regulation through the different techniques of yoga. It’s a discovery. A journey!! Thanks for the good teachings, and thanks to the good teachers.

Oliver Heid, Germany

The therapy course was fantastic. It was a great opportunity to learn how to implement the various yogic techniques into not only a personal daily routine, but to the benefit of others. The lectures were very thorough and detailed and, although sometimes it felt like we were doing a medical degree, very beneficial and practical. I now feel confident to not only teach yoga but to be able to help people with yoga and I can’t wait to start spreading the word, health and peace.

Robyn Matthews, Australia