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Akarna Dhanurasana (type 1) (bow pose in sitting)


In this asana the body is stretched more like a string of bow when pulled at the time of archery.


Pre Position

Sitting Position.


Bend the left leg in knee and keep the foot on the thigh of right leg. Keep the right leg straight.
Hold the big toe of the left leg with right hand, hold it between the thumb and index finger and other 3 fingers to have a good grip of the thumb. Hold big toe of the right leg with left hand.
Exhale and inhaling start lifting the left foot with the right hand and pull it up to ear. Keep the trunk and neck erect and the sight fixed on the other end of the left hand.
Continue normal breathing.


While trying to raise the foot up to ear, one tends to bend neck. But this is wrong, initially it may be difficult but it does not matter. Only care should be taken to keep the neck and trunk straight. Try to pull up the foot as much as possible.


Inhale and exhaling, start bringing the foot down and place it on the thigh.
Restore the hands to their place.
Take the left foot to original position.


This asana exerts great strain and one can't maintain it for long but with practice one can maintain it for up to 30 seconds.

Internal Effects

In this asana great strain is exerted on hand, legs and joints of waist and the knees. Consequently the efficiency of the organs increases.


One should avoid the temptation of attaining the ideal position if strain is unbearable.