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Pavanamuktasana 1 leg


The knee and thigh of one leg is pressed against the chest and belly in this asana. The gas trapped in the large intestine gets released in this Asana. Therefore, it is called 'Pavanamuktasana'.


Pre Position

Supine Position.

Generally practiced to get rid of abdominal & gastric problems and improve digestion etc.


Take supine position, then bend left leg in knee and press it against stomach/ chest, hold it with both the arms around, without disturbing the posture relax all muscles and continue normal breathing.


While releasing slowly move hands to normal position, leg to original position. Repeat this with right leg pressed against chest/ stomach.



Internal Effects

People who have undergone an operation on belly or suffering from hernia and piles, etc. should perform this asana after consulting some Yoga Expert. Similarly, the pregenant women should also not practice it.