OM As Perceived By Science

Normally anatomy is studied first and then the physiology. So first we will study the structure of AUM and then its functions.

AUM is composed of 3 elements, 'a', 'u' and 'm'. The fusion of these 3 elements is AUM or OM. The 3 alphabets are pronounced in series.

The air is driven out from lungs through the vocal cords. The cords vibrate and vibrations in the form of airwaves reach to the mouth. The mouth acts as resonator and deepens the vibrations. These vibrations are shaped to form alphabets, which in turn form the words. These vibrations in the form of airwaves travel through air to the ears of listeners. These are converted to nerve impulses and carried to the brain cells. Brain understands the meaning at the end.

These sound waves have certain frequency. We can listen to sounds with the frequency range between 20 to 2000 Hz i.e. cycles per second. The sound below 20 Hz and sound above 2000 Hz is not audible to human ears.