The Technique of Chanting OM

5 Minute 10 Minute 15 Minute

The chanting can be done in 2 ways.

1. Individually or

2. With prerecorded commentary or CD or audiocassette.

We will study these techniques one by one.


Sit in a steady & comfortable posture.
Close the eyes gently.
Relax all the muscles.
Inhale slowly and deeply in about 5 seconds.
Open your lips about 6 mm and pronounce A for 2 seconds.
Slowly close your lips (partially) and pronounce U for 3 seconds.
Close your lips completely and pronounce M for 5 seconds.
Repeat this for as many times as you like.

With prerecorded commentary or CD or audiocassette:

The complete AUM is chanted in 10 seconds and as explained above and the gap of 10 seconds is kept before the start of next AUM.
You can listen to one AUM and chant during the gap.
Thus alternatively you can listen to 1 AUM and chant your AUM.
Now it is very essential to understand the breathing during this practice.
Switch on the recorded commentary of AUM.
Listen to A for 2 seconds and U for 3 seconds.
Then start inhaling slowly & deeply in 5 seconds during which you will listen to M from the commentary.
This chanting and your inhalation will be completed at the same time.
Then you start chanting AUM in the gap of 10 seconds.
As soon as you finish the AUM, the AUM in the cassette will start.
Listen it calmly and keep your breathing normal.
Do not inhale deeply or hold the breath during first 5 seconds of Aum in the cassette. Your 2 rounds of inhalation and exhalation are completed in the 5 seconds of A and U of recorded chanting.
Now as the M starts, you should also start inhaling deeply in 5 seconds. You can repeat the procedure accordingly. You can practice AUM for as many times as you want.