Fast Breathing

The normal speed of breathing at rest is 16 to 18 breathes per minute , we can control the breathing and increase the speed even up to 200 breaths per minute for certain period of time this called fast breathing.
This can be achieved in 6 different ways, using various combinations of two nostrils as follows:
  1. Inhalation and exhalation through both the nostrils.
  2. Inhalation and exhalation through left nostril only.
  3. Inhalation and exhalation through right nostril only.
  4. Inhalation by left nostril and exhalation by right nostril.
  5. Inhalation by right nostril and exhalation by left nostril.
  6. Inhalation by left nostril,exhalation by right nostril. Inhalation by right nostril,exhalation by left nostril.
    This type of breathing gives good exercise to respiratory system. This type of breathing mostly increases the blood pressure. Hence HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE patient should NOT DO THIS.