Important Points About Breathing

The breathing is the vital process and it is to be controlled with Maximum Care to avoid the trouble. In this regards the following points are very important and must be followed rigidly while practicing the breathing technique.

  1. Never overstrain your respiration system. Stop your breathing practice as soon as you feel strained.
  2. This study is individual. Please do not compare your practice with any other person.
  3. Study of breathing technique is not the field of competition. Please do not develop competitive spirit while practicing.
  4. Proper and able guidance is very essential. Please do not practice it without proper guidance.
  5. You must practice with empty stomach as already explained earlier.
  6. Try to gain a full control over breathing. If you loose the control then stop the breathing and relax for some time.
  7. Inhalation and exhalation must be very slow and with uniform speed. The following practices will clarify this point.Suppose you are inhaling 2000 c.c. air in 4 seconds during your practice, normally one inhales about 1000 c.c. in first second, 500 c.c. in second, 300 c.c. in third and 200 c.c. in fourth. This is not correct. One should inhale 500 c.c. per second from 1st to 4th. This shows that your inhalation speed is 500 c.c. per second. If you are exhaling the same air in 8 seconds then your speed should be 2000 / 8 = 250 c.c. per second. When the time of exhalation is doubled the speed should be halved.
  8. Do not stretch the muscles of the body limbs and those of the face in particular while controlling the breathing.
  9. Keep your eyes closed during practice. This will help you to concentrate on breathing properly.
  10. It is advisable to use special timer, which gives a beep per second. This is essential to keep a track and improve the speed of breathing.