Technique for Physical Relaxation

This technique is explained in two stages.

1 Stopping the movements of all organs
Releasing the strain in the muscles of the body

Here we will learn two stages one by one.

Stopping the movements of all organs

While moving our body parts we create strain on skeletal muscles. These movements are voluntary and we can easily stop them and attain motion less posture. This steady posture also cannot be maintained for longer time as it also creates the strain because we have to maintain the balance of our body. This strain is minimum if we lie down on the bed or sit comfortable on chair. This forms the preparation for next stages.
It is not possible to stop the movements of internal organs such as heart, respiratory system, digestive system etc., but we can reduce the speed and thus reduce the strain.

Releasing the strain in the muscles of the body

By stopping the movements we can stop straining the muscles but there is some strain still present in the muscles. This can be reduced with the help of mind. One has to force his mind on a particular muscle of the body and give the instructions to release the strain in that muscle. This procedure can be repeated for each and every muscle of all body organs even of the internal organs. This needs sufficient practice and efforts to master the technique.