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Mind Power - Power of Inner mind I

By Dr. Sujit Chandratreya (MD, DM, DNB, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist)

The author is a well known Endocrinologist, MD, DM from India and in addition to treating hormonal and lifestyle disorders is active in learning, promotion of the real ancient yoga in the world. His main focus is on the mind and yoga. He is also researching on discovering untapped potentials of mind and awakening the hidden and forgotten powers of the human mind.

Mind Power - Power of Inner mind I

Dear friends,
We'll take forward the theory of 'inner mind' as per the Indian vedic knowledge, from the last discussion. When we are asleep, who takes care of our respiration, heartbeat, temperature regulation etc.? as per the modern medicine, it's the 'autonomic nervous system'.

Vedas say that it's the inner mind. The external mind or the mind as we know is nothing but a bundle of thoughts and desires. Once the thoughts are calmed down and desires do melt away after the sadhana, the external mind gives way to the awakening of inner mind. The inner mind when awakened, makes the man a super-human. Almost every well organized religion has talked about the self realization or liberation attained by many saints, prophets, sages.

It's the inner mind, which contains all the knowledge, wisdom of the world, and one glimpse of it can transform the human life. A theory in medicine says that our DNA contains all the history of mankind and the steps of evolution. It also agrees that we have enormous unexplored knowledge within us, which needs to be decoded. Lets take an example of a home PC. It's working well but usually is underused by almost all of us. Some people make use of it to the tune of 90-95% of its capacity, but average usage is only 10% of it. It's just like our external mind.

When the PC is connected to the Internet, a whole world of knowledge opens before us. We can see any place, know almost any damn thing, do shopping, and what not just using it. This is like the inner mind.

When we experience the inner mind, we are calm, balanced, stable, very happy and above all the worries and humanly sorrows. The sense of 'being' or 'me' alone remains in the initial stages, and that also gets sublimated in the advanced stages of the experience. The vedas confirm the above states of higher experiences. Thousands of practitioners have also witnessed the same state of realization.

We at 'mindpower' are attempting to work on the same subject of awakening the inner mind, understand that everyone possesses a great power within himself, and to make the world a better place to live.

How does one do this? It needs some good training, which we will be talking about shortly. Till then, it's worth trying for everybody: the nature gives us the experience of the inner mind daily for a few minutes!! It's the time we just wake up!! There are no disturbing thoughts, no desires, only a fresh mind and a feeling of oneself! Try to experience the same tomorrow, and your day will be done! These few minutes are the happiest moments of our life.

Dr. Sujit Chandratreya