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Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik

(This is the Transcription of Lecture given by Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik)

Yoga for prevention and maintenance of most precious Gift of GOD "Our Body"

Body means me myself. We are visible in the world due to the body we possess. Everybody claims to know this body. But is it really true? Science and medical professionals will say that they are studying or actually working with the anatomy and physiology of body. Thus they know the body perfectly. But I still feel that we need to know much more than we actually do from different perspective.

Has anybody ever thought over what might be the actual valuation of our body? No, even I have never thought about it and such a situation of selling our body never occurs. But other day I came across a news. It said, "Wanted a kidney". The advertisement also said that the person would be adequately paid, afterwards I came to know that the person donated kidney and was paid a amount of Rs. 2,00,000 /- (US $ 40,000), add to that the cost of hospitalization, medical treatment, no of hours lost in transplant. Also the transplant won't make the person as efficient and healthy as a normal man.

Now let's consider the Heart. There is only one heart and it is of prime importance in our body. Now we all know that artificial heart can be used to replace the Human Heart, but the results of Heart Transplant are not very encouraging. Also the cost runs in millions, additionally the cost of hospitalization, medical treatment, no of hours lost in transplant.

There are many more important organs in our body. Consider our eyes, they have fantastic 3D effects, more over no formal processing of data is required, just open the eyes and we get natural colors around us, also you can store the data in your brain. Now the valuation of brain is not possible, one can only compare Human Brain with the most advanced Super Computer, still Computer cannot replace Human brain.

But there few organs in our body which cannot be replaced by any other means. For example - Nobody could prepare material like that of Insulin, Human Blood, Human Bones. Similarly the intestines are very strong and elastic. Tennis rackets are made out of intestines of goats, the intestine of human is much more strong.

Thus if you evaluate the cost of your entire body, you are already a BILLIONER. We have a body whose value is very high, we all are extremely rich, more to that is even if we are ready to spend Billion Dollars we cannot get a new Human Body.

But then how do we take care of this Billion Dollar precious gift of GOD?

If we have some precious gold or diamond ornaments, then we take extreme care of that, but do we take that much care of a Billion Dollar gift which is given to us at no cost. He has given us the body and we are just carrying it on. GOD knew we won't take care of our body and so he has given us many spare organs. But we are all the more careless with spare organs. We start running around and finding Doctors when some of our organs stop working or start giving problems. We need our body every second of our life, rather our life is with our body. Thus proper maintenance of our body is of prime importance. It is said that everybody is very selfish in this world. But no body is selfish in taking care of body, which is most valuable.

There are 2 types of maintenance. One is breakdown maintenance and other is preventive maintenance. When machine is working nobody pays attention towards the machine. Someday the machine breaks down while working, and then everybody starts running around. When the machine is dismantled it is seen that some small screw has broken. For one screw the concerned person has to go to various places or may be out of town. The shopkeeper also sells the screw at much higher price sensing the urgency or need. Thus a small screw causes a loss of few thousand dollars as the production is entirely stopped. The small screw of few dollars causes such a huge loss.

But if the same is done before hand for preventive maintenance then such big confusion and loss can be avoided. If the machine is continuously checked once in a month or 2 months then such minor defects can be immediately repaired.

Similarly we can take care of our body also. When we feel sick we start running around and go to doctor. We are ready to pay any amount of money to get well. Before we are very busy even to take care but then we also get admitted in the hospital without caring for our work. But we can prevent such extremities with proper care. As they say "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE".

But how can we prevent? If we go to the doctor and tell him that I am fit but I need preventive maintenance, he will refuse to give such medicine, which will prevent diabetes before it occurs, there are medicines available only after disease occurs.

But lets imagine or consider for some time that scientists invent such drugs. But will it be possible to take medicines for every disease? There are numerous diseases. Is it possible to take so many drugs before hand? It is not feasible, thus this can be only pure imagination. But then considering this everybody will have to face breakdown and there cannot be any prevention.

What is the Solution?

Of course "YOGA" is the solution. Yoga is closely related to Body and Mind. In recent years scientific research on Yoga has proven that Yoga certainly cures many diseases. Like there are various asanas for diseases like diabetes, asthma etc. There is Pranayama for various breathing related and mental problems. But this creates a picture that there is a separate prescription in yoga for different problems and to be fit and fine and prevent all diseases we will have to practice yoga for the whole day. But this is neither feasible nor true.

Yoga does not have different treatment for every problem. Yoga is a process of normalization. It considers body as well as mind. Yoga is useful for maintenance as well as prevention. It has to be practiced only for 30 to 45 minutes in a day. It will be the only time, which we will give truly and completely to ourselves.

While practicing Yoga only for 30 to 45 minutes in a day what is to be done? People have misconceptions like yoga means making difficult acrobatic exercises as shown in a circus or by a gymnast. Or it is something, which is practiced by a Yogi or Sanyasi wearing saffron colored clothes, long beard. But this is not true. There is a scientific method of practicing Yoga. Yoga is very easy and similarly very effective.

Yoga is effective in every aspect like Yoga helps in removing addictions, curing diseases, increase vital energy, increase resistance power of the body. Apart from this Yoga brings good positive changes in mental frame, makes mind stable, peaceful and happy.

Yoga thus takes care of both our physical and mental health. But it should be practiced regularly. On seeing the results from Yoga nobody stops practicing it. Yogasanas help in bringing about stability of our body. Pranayama helps in controlling breathing and increasing concentration. Yoga should be learned scientifically. Then only the required results can be achieved and after that it should be practiced exactly as learned.

Once you learn Yoga, you can practice it without any help from anyone, at no extra cost. Yoga is very important and essential for preventive maintenance of our body. It has effect on both mental and physical health.

We have typical reaction and responses to the events around us. If these reactions or responses are extreme, then results in psychosomatic disorders. One-hour practice of Yoga helps us to prevent such reaction and we easily prevent the diseases. Yoga finally makes the mind calm, peaceful, stable and focused.

Nothing different has to be tried or done for practicing Yoga. The effect of Yoga comes about automatically while practicing it. Yoga thus can be called as complete solution to most of our problems. It is a complete science of personality development and touches all aspects of our existence. So practice of it is must for everyone.

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