YOGA - Process of Normalization

Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik

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Everybody always wishes to achieve in life whatever one wants. But is it always possible?

Everybody wonders if there is any magic, which can help in such fulfillment of wishes. Yoga is the best answer for all these questions. Once two people with different problems came to learn yoga. One wanted to increase the weight and the other wanted to reduce the weight.

They were asked to join same class for their problems, as same type of study can help this happen. They started practicing yoga and became friends. After interaction they learnt that they were given same type of exercise for exactly opposite problems. They came to office for enquiring. They were told that as they had already completed half of the periods, they could attend the class for remaining periods and see the result for themselves. After the course was over, they were very surprised to see that the person who was overweight had reduced his weight by 3.5 kgs, and similarly the person who was underweight had increased the weight by 2 kgs.

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This appears to be surprising, but one who knows about yoga won't find it surprising. Yoga is the process of normalization. Yoga does not help in increasing or decreasing the weight but it helps normalizing the weight.

As there is external normalization, there is also internal normalization. Yoga also helps in normalizing the constituents in the body. There is cholesterol present in blood. The percentage of cholesterol should be fixed in blood. The percentage on higher as well as lower side is dangerous. Like higher percentage can lead to heart attack. But many don't know how to reduce this harmful cholesterol.

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An experiment was carried out at Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India. There were 30 to 32 students whose cholesterol was measured. Out of these 15 to 16 had cholesterol more than 250. 2 students had less than 150, and others were in normal range. A Yoga class was conducted in which same type of yoga was given to all students. At the end of the course, when checking was done, it was found that students whose cholesterol was high had reduced to 220 to 230 from 250 to 270 ranges. The students whose cholesterol was less had increased to 160 to 170. The cholesterol of the rest remained same in the normal range.

Different health problems like blood pressure which if more or less than normal is dangerous can be normalized. Insulin, when more or less than normal can cause problems can be normalized. Thus Yoga helps in normalizing our health and helps us lead a healthy and happy life. There is no preventive medicine in any of the therapies or with any of the doctors. They only have cure for problems. But only yoga has preventive effects.

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Similarly many rejected cases from all the streams of medicine come to Yoga for cure. One person had come to us with hic-cups problem which were continuously troubling him for 4 months, he could not even sleep. This was affecting his health as he could not eat or sleep properly. All the medicines had failed. Finally some body suggested him to try Yoga. And after practicing Yoga for 8 days, his hic-cups stopped permanently. Thus 8 days of Yoga helped, where 4 months of medications failed. Many such diseases can be cured with Yoga along with many other dangerous diseases like blood pressure, back problems, asthma, cancer, psychosomatic diseases etc.

But Yoga is not the answer only for curing disease. Yoga is useful for many other things. Yoga has preventive effects. Thus Yoga is also a precautionary measure as diseases can occur to anyone at any time in life. Everyone today is unsecured regarding health and praying for healthy life. As there are no precautionary medicines available, there is little that one can do. But regular practice of Yoga is always an effective preventive measure. Prevention is better than cure. Only science of Yoga has the solution. Regular practice of Yoga for 30 to 45 minutes is very effective.

Like diseases another important issue which creates lot of tension is addition. Right from alcohol, tobacco, drugs to drinking tea or coffee are additions. To get rid of one addiction, one leads to another. Drugs are one of the major problems around the world.

There is no Yoga de addition classes as such conducted specially. But the person who joins yoga classes themselves come and accept after few days that practice of Yoga has reduced their addictions. No one is specifically asked to quit addictions before joining Yoga, but they are not allowed to practice it in class. The Yoga education to body and mind helps automatically removing additions.

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Yoga is much more than dealing with these social problems. Along with dealing with such problems, yoga also helps in increasing efficiency of individual. It does not increase only office work efficiency but all types of working abilities such as emotional, physical and mental efficiency. The activities are very important and necessary. Yoga helps in increasing concentration which in turn increases efficiency.

An income tax officer had come for Yoga classes for curing knee pain. The officer experienced that not only his knee pain got cured but his efficiency had increased. He was a badminton player and Yoga practice had helped in improving his game.

We need this efficiency even while cooking. Same lady cooks food everyday but depending on her concentration and mood the taste of the food changes. This increase in concentration helps students to secure good marks as their memory and grasping power increases. All mental abilities and strength can be developed by Yoga. This can be verified through various psychological tests. The intelligent quotient or IQ cannot be changed but results show that Yoga can have positive effect on the IQ. The fact is students who practice Yoga become sharp, and secure good marks.

Thus right from reducing diseases to increasing intellectual capabilities Yoga is the best answer. Yoga does not mean wearing saffron clothes and doing exercises which are difficult to achieve. In fact asana means the most comfortable position. But easy exercises like preliminary Yogasanas, meditation, Pranayama are very helpful. Easy way of meditation is to sit and chant Omkar. Easy way of practicing Pranayama is to inhale and exhale lots of air, which is known as Deep Breathing. Everyone can do it.

Breathing - Something which is very crucial for life. We breathe @ 18 times in a minute that makes 21000 times in a day, 21000 X 365 days X your age. We inhale @ 600 cc of air; the capacity of lungs is @ 6000 cc. That is @ 10 % of the total capacity. Yoga has answer for this too. Starting Pranayama only teaches to breathe as much as possible. If we try, we can inhale at least 4500 cc. But after Pranayama you can increase the capacity to inhale 5500 cc air. This deep breathing has lot of good effects on the body and mind.

To increase concentration chanting of Omkar is the most effective technique. Chanting of Omkar includes deep breathing. This has good effect on children as well. Chanting of Omkar 11 times before going to sleep will give you sound sleep, similarly chanting Omkar before studying will certainly increase the concentration. Thus Yoga can be claimed to be a magic word, which is the only answer for everyone in today's world.

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