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Ashwini Mudra
Posture Ashwa means horse, in this asana a similar movement of expansion and contraction of anus of horse is expected. To achieve maximum movements a specific position is taken which is called 'Ashwini Mudra".
Pre position Supine Position - Sarvangasana position.
  1. Fold both the legs in knees.
  2. Fold the legs in waist and press the thighs against stomach.
  3. Contract and expand the anus in this position.
  4. Continue normal breathing.
Position One should start practicing this asana when stability in Sarvangasana is achieved. As for the position complete folding of legs in knees and waist is very important. Similarly the calves should touch the thighs. Do not bend the back during the position. Bending of back brings knees close to the mouth and that is not desirable.
  1. Stop contraction and expansion of the anus.
  2. Straighten the legs in the waist.
  3. Straighten the legs in the knees and take the Sarvangasana.
Duration It should be maintained for up to 45 seconds, and can be increased to 2 minutes.
Internal Effects This Mudra has particularly good effects on the empty spaces in the stomach. Due to the pressure functioning of these parts is improved.
It also has good effects on Uterus in women.
Precaution Any healthy person can practice this asana but women suffering from Uterus problems should do this asana under expert observation.
Do’s & Don’ts Do’s
- Raise the entire back & buttocks off the ground.
- Legs are bent in knees and knees are just above the head or towards the ears so that the back remains straight & vertical.
- Try pressing the thighs in to abdomen and chest.
- Hands, upper arm & elbows on the ground while supporting the back behind chest.
- Shoulders resting on the ground.
- The chin resting in the sternal notch. (In Chin lock position)

- Don’t bend the back.
- Don’t let the knees come to the ground or away from the body.
- Do not move the neck or overstrain it in chin lock position.



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