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Yoga For Kids - Course for Kids


  • Increase concentration, focus and attention
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Develop strong, flexible and healthy bodies
  • Experience relaxed state of body and mind
  • Sun Salutation, Omkar Chanting, Yoga Nidra

Fitness for Kids. With yoga, your child can bring the world inside to life and let his or her imagination free to come out. The easy poses of Yogasanas and easy-to-follow instruction of Yogic Techniques can increase your child's concentration with a sense of playfulness, freedom and imagination.

There is always a complaint that the child / students dose not understand what is taught to them. So we try different methods of teaching and apply all the techniques possible to improve the teaching process. But practically, every kid / student understands as per his capacity and grasp. The ability to teach and the ability to learn / understand, both are two different issues. But when the understanding capacity of a student increases, it indirectly means that there is improvement in the way of teaching. Hence we should try to improve the memory, concentration and understanding capacity of every kid / student. It is not sufficient by improving the teaching techniques. We need to make efforts to improve the child's memory and concentration.

"Yogabhyas" (Study of Yoga) : is the solution to this.

A special course for Kids / Students is designed which helps in their overall development.


  • Health wise
  • Height
  • Mental Ability
  • Creativity
  • Personality


The course includes Yoga asanas and Yogic Techniques, which keep them fit physically and mentally.

Thus Yogasadhana (Practice of Yoga) should be included in our day-to-day life. If the kids are taught Yogasadhana at an early age, then it helps in developing their concentration, memory, creativity and understanding level. The "Yogabhyas" course approach reinforces a child's belief in their innate ability to learn, improve and succeed. Our unique curriculum insures that a sense of confidence, success and self-value is instilled in each individual child. Thus if the study of Yoga is included in the school syllabus every kid will benefit from it.

Here are some basic Yoga techniques which helps in the process of Child Development on physical, emotional and intellectual planes.

Sun Salutation - Increase Physical capacity, builds stamina and also strengthens heart if Mantra Chanting is properly done.

Omkar Chanting - Increases the mental capacities and also directly affects the memory and concentration of child.



Research Paper By -


  • Yogacharya Vishwas V. Mandlik (Kulaguru, Yoga Vidyapeeth. Nashik)
  • Dr. Ramesh Varkhede (Reader in Chemistry, H.P.T. College. Nasik)


Yoga Nidra - An effective process for reducing child stress, especially helpful in building confidence for examinations, competitions etc.