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Posture The knees and thighs are pressed against the chest and belly in this asana. The gas trapped in the large intestine gets released in this Asana. Therefore, it is called 'Pavanamuktasana'.
Pre position Supine Position.
Use Generally practiced to get rid of abdominal & gastric problems and improve digestion etc.
  1. Exhale and inhailing, start raising both the legs and come to Dwipada Uttanpadasana Position.
  2. Bend both the legs in the knees and keep the folds on the belly. Keep the knees and toes together.
  3. Now keep the belly pressed with the thighs and clasp the folded legs with both the hands.
  4. Now bending the neck, raise the head and fix the chin between the knees.
Position It is necessary to keep the knees and thighs pressed against the chest and belly in this asana. At the same time the calves should also be pressed against the thighs so that when the hands clasp the legs, the desired pressure can be had on the belly. The proper pressure on the concerned organs of the body gives the desired benefits.
  1. Straighten the neck and bring the head on the floor.
  2. Unfold the hands and bring them to their earlier position.
  3. Inhailing, straighten both the legs and come to Dwipad Uttanpadasana Position.
  4. Exhailing, slowly bring both the legs down and place them on the floor and take Supine Position.
Duration Generally it should be maintained for one minute. That way this asana can be retained longer but that is not necessary.
Internal Effects Due to the nice and systematic pressure on the belly, the trapped gases in large intestine are released. This improves the digestion system and helps have good motion.
Precaution People who have undergone an operation on belly or suffering from hernia and piles, etc. should perform this asana after consulting some Yoga Expert. Similarly, the pregenant women should also not practice it.
Do’s & Don’ts Do’s
- Keep the legs folded in knees and pressed on the abdomen using the folded arms.
- Try to touch the chin to the knees.
- Try to keep the legs together.
- Point the toes.

Simple variation – keep the head on the ground instead of trying to touch the chin to the knees.

- Do not strain your neck.

Reference Book:- Yoga Pravesh
Author :- Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik


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