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Effect of IAYT on Stress Induced Ailments


Research Paper By -

Nobuyoshi Murai

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No. 253/223 4th cross 1st block Jayanagar Bangalore.


This research has been done by Yoga Therapists who received the certificate of YTIC on VK YOGAS in Japan. In 1994, this YTIC was held on in Japan, we invited Yoga teacher who is Sri. Dharmaprakash N M from VK YOGAS. 33 people have got certification until now.

As you know, Japan is small-island around the sea on East Side Asia. In these days the higher-growth of the Japanese economy has made remarkable advances. Electronics, Automobile industry etc. are keeping high quality level in the world.

But people are suffering from so much stress. As VK YOGAS sound the alarm, stress induced ailments are increasing alarmingly. There is increasing interest in their own health, and how to reduce stress. That is why Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, other alternative therapy also receive much attention. In the first place, I may tell you about the social of Japan. (OHP Sheet No. 1) The population of Japan is 120000000. Population composition is 0-14, 15.1%,15-64, 69.3%, 64 over, 15.6%. The average life span of Japanese is more than 75 years old Gents, Ladies 83.59%. This reason is to decrease an infant mortality rate, to not always increase long life persons. Family size is 2.79 persons. The family structure is almost parents and two children.


Life Style


Smoking rate Gents : 58.8% Ladies : 15.2%
Drinking 63,978,000 - 53.3%
Sleeping Hours about 7.5 - 8 hours
10 G 8.18 L 8.06
20 G 7.47 L 7.41
30 G 7.34 L 7.20
40 G 7.36 L 7.04
50 G 7.43 L 7.16
60 G 8.08 L 7.44
70 G 8.57 L 8.46

Working average 7.5 hours (but this data is only total average. Some people are working much more.)

Back pain, Shoulder pain, Arthritis is complained by 283.3 persons out of 1000 numbers. And in Hospital 285.4 persons put of 1000 complain of Hypertension, Back pain, shoulder pain.
So, the life is stressful. Almost people, businessmen, but also babies, children, aged women feel much stress everywhere at company, school, home etc.

They understand the reason that stress more often bring about many diseases, but it is difficult to changing their own life style in the present circumstances.

The data shows the ranking of course of death is 34 years old - 54 years old: 1st cancer, more than 54 years old 1st apoplectic ictus, 2nd cancer and 3rd heart disease. Accordingly, Almost Japanese people die in cancer, apoplectic ictus, or heart disease.

And in medical facility, there is much high level of medical technology hospitals. But it may be always crowded, they are to wait for 3 hours then they can get 3 minutes treatment. They are not satisfied and afraid of side effect of medicines, but on the other hand they are depending on medicines also.

In 1995, the health insurance of medical expenses is about \27,000,000,000,000, (In Japan medical expenses should be paid about 70% - 80% according to health insurance system by government) for each person \ 215000 for one year. This is collected as other tax.

Now, in Japan yoga classes are spread widely and slowly. The general yoga classes usually are performed once weekly, each for one and half hour for the most part, we don't have residential facilities like Prashanti kiteeram. About 80% of participants are Ladies and almost of them have problems to shoulder pain, back pain, climacteric disorder, irregularity of menstruation and hypertension etc. Some yoga therapists are taking special yoga class for mentally handicapped people old aged in welfare facilities and nursing home for ages. The acknowledgment of the efficiency of yoga therapy rise step by step.

As mentioned earlier, there are much stress induced diseases, gastro intestinal injury, hypertension, back and knee pain and irregularity of menstruation are typical.




The Research of Hypertension


Then, I introduced the report of result of IAYT for hypertension.

Aim - To search for effective of IAYT for hypertension

Method - Nonresidential, weekly once, About 90 minutes, To encourage practice at home every day

Duration -
3 months

Numbers - Male - 5 persons; Female - 32 persons,

Ratio of age -

Iin forties 3 persons
In fifties 13 persons
In sixties 16 persons
In seventies 5 persons
27 persons take medicine


Main Techniques


  • Hand in And Out Breathing
  • Trikonasana Breathing
  • Head Front And Back Breathing
  • Sasankasana Breathing
  • Bhujangasana Breathing
  • Salabhasana Breathing
  • Makarasana
  • Pada Sanchalana With Breathing
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Q.R.T.
  • Chandranuloma Viloma
  • Nadi Suddhi Pranayama
  • D.R.T + PET + Cyclic Meditation


Counseling (Contents & Advice)


  • Explanation of hypertension diseases
  • Differences between Western medicine and Yoga therapy approach
  • Importance of Relaxation
  • Putting on a diet, to reduce weight, to take balance nutrition
  • Improving life style - No smoking, No alcohol, No much sugar & salt
  • To take care of own body, (avoid overwork, lack of sleep)
  • Yoga therapist become good adviser for them to consult with trouble of life




 After 3 months  
 Reduced blood pressure normal value  20 persons 54%
 Reduced blood pressure border value  7 persons 19%
 No changing blood pressure  7 persons 19%
 Increased Blood Pressure  3 persons 8%
 Reduced medication  3 persons 8%
 Reduced Heart Rate  35 persons 95%
 Increased Heart Rate  2 persons 5%
 Ratio of Heart Rate  50-60/min 5 persons, 61-70/min 12 persons
   71-80/min 12 persons, 81-90/min 3 persons


Concrete Changing of Symptoms


B female 62 years old, She is a beginner still doing Yoga for 6 months, she lives with husband only. Before 3 years she has been operated on removal of cholecyst, (10 years back also, she has her nose operated on for sinusitis, now her nose is not so bad).

From about that time blood pressure has started to increase. She retired as insurance saleswoman 27 years back. Mainly her work is to keep housework only, but suddenly her heart pounds and sometimes her chest feels tight. She is afraid of terror of death; it looks as if she died. She cannot stand and not sleep well in spite of tired. She is always thinking about misfortunes and feeling so lonely at home alone. One day she got panic and visited her friend's house, at that time her friend advised her to do practice yoga. She tends toward neurosis, and an affable person, but she always telling about herself "I am timid."

The therapist started treatment weekly once for 2 hours Special technique for hypertension, asana for neck ankle joints, strength for muscle of back and abdominal muscle, nadhisudhi pranayama, QRT etc. were given to her.

In counseling, she has said "I am afraid that it looks as if I may die too because of two persons suicide around me". She was in bad health and felt loneliness, uneasy for the future, and spiritless for facing new things. She kept irregular hour and many often goes out. She seems to be pessimistic and depression. The Yoga therapist has given advice's to lead a well regulated life to refrain outing and remove stains of nostril with sesame oil as her nose was stuffed. She has been feeling about death and growing old but she has become cheerful after hearing about concept of yoga. The therapist has added some other advice to avoid over eating in her nose bad condition and to take moderate amount of hot milk in spite of midnight snack or eating between sweet meals, because she has taken cold milk so much after eating. And as she had sweet meals, because she has taken cold milk so much after eating. And as she had a hurried meal, the therapist recommended to chew her food well, to fix her bed time and time to get up. The therapist has told patient should have very regular habits calmly.

About medication, She has taken antihypersensitive "zestril (2nc 201)" one tablet every morning and tranquilizer and somnifacient also in case of panic not usually.




 03-12  BP 153/86 HR 95 RR 19 BHT 22 WT 52
 Sometimes she was flustered, as she cannot follow instruction
 10-12  BP 144/84 HR 86 RR 17 BHT - WT 52
 Very often breathing through her mouth as her nose stuffed up
 17-12  BP 144/78 HR 81 RR 14 BHT-WT 53
 She felt out of sorts for less sleep. Showed signs of fatigue.
 14-01  BP 147 / 78 HR 81 RR 14 BHT-WT 53
 Stuffed nose. Getting cold, feel heaviness, BP is little higher than usual.
 18-01  BP 137 / 89 HR 79 RR 18 BHT-WT 53
 After yoga, she feels so good for her nose smoothly.
 28-01  BP 141 /76 HR 86 RR 10 BHT 40 WT 53
 Shoulders are stiff, the back is hard. After stopping breath, she feel bad because of her head swam. I was telling "Take it easy"
 11-02  BP 132 / 82 HR 83 RR 15 BHT - WT 52
 She has forgotten to take medicine but BP is normal value.
She recognized "There is no need to take medicine for me."
 18-02  BP 137 / 76 HR 78 RR 12 BHT-WT 51.5
 She flung herself into yoga practice with determination. While doing Asana, she keeps with awareness. She said "Asana can be nicely, my nose does not stuff"
 25-02  BP 129/66 HR 82 RR 10 BHT-WT 51.5
 It seems to be relaxed. She got confidence as BP is stabilized without taking medicine. She refused to take medicine from doctor. Doctor gave her permission to stop Medicine. But as she feel a little uneasy, in case of panic she has accepted Tranquilizer and somnifacient only.
 04-03  BP 137/81 HR 79 RR 13 BHT 30 WT 50.5
 She said "Last night I could not sleep well because of thinking many things" I told her to stop taking a nap with patience, but she was sleeping while DRT.
 11-03  BP 137 / 78 HR 81 RR 9 BHT 45 WT 50
 BHT increases. RR less.
 18-03  BP 132/76 HR 74 RR 13 BHT 45 WT 50
 BP is less. (First time 153 / 86) Mind has steadied. But not perfectly, we will continue to practice in doing very good shavasana, she will sleep more nicely.




   Before  After
 BP  153 / 86  132 / 76
 HR  95  74
 RR  19  10
 BHT  22  45
 WT  52 kg  50 kg
 STOP  Mind is calm.


As this case shows, it was a good chance. The beginner also can recognize that efficacy of yoga therapy and gain confidence for her future or her life, she was taking advantage of that which is in spite of forgetting to take medicine but BP has become normal. She could be convinced by herself, and put into practice.

As she has direct experience, she was dealing with her problem positively, so that it was accepted as being beyond doubt what she can get good result?

And we can find out that it is important not only to practice special technique, pranayama but also counseling. According to I.A.Y.T. in this case, patient could recognize most important thing to enrich her life, what is more, as a result they can make relationship of mutual trust, its effects make themselves felt.

This therapist says "I wish her growth and would be sharing each other's joys or pain which are to train onself for getting an ideal life habit according to their personality. So that I also owe my growth entirely to the patient. She never mean to force patient as teacher. A good relationship may produce very useful result. It is overriding importance that we try to improve personality of therapist themselves."

The other hand, it rack our brain that how to continue special technique at home. If they are quite their class very well, but that takes a back seat to jobs, playing, habits etc.

I introduce that a therapist flung oneself into this problem with determination. She is taking yoga class for handicap people and old ages. She wants to continue for them to practice little by little at home, so she made the home work "Yoga Calendar".


 The first one  A5 sheet to see and  check  This is so small that is why it is difficult space also small. Only good body condition  people can do.
 The second one  A4 sheet / for one month  One or two persons can do it at home.
 The third one  A4 sheet / for one week  People to do nicely provoked other persons more. As most of them cannot check by of themselves,  they can do by obtaining the cooperation of other family members.
 The fourth one  A4 sheet / for one week +  Name space  To increase doing practice people by writing own name by themselves or stuff. Or family because it  produces to become conscious of doing for themselves.


She calls out each person as looking and checking their home work calendar. She keeps constant consideration for them, and she had opportunities to talk with them one by one as long as possible before doing practice. And she talked about efficiency of Yoga Therapy. To be done is a small thing, but it is content enough for handicap people and old age people.




As you know old age people or bedridden persons also can perform Yoga practice. If they cannot move their body, they try to move it mentally. \As the days go by, patients do find their voice increase, and they can do loud voice gradually. Many thinks of as effort have brought yoga therapy spread widely more and more in Japan.

In fact, from now on there are many old aged in Japan. The care of old aged is a serious problem.

In education also it is important thing what is health and how to talk students about that.

In 1995 17th Jan. at Kobe in Japan, we have an extraordinary earthquake, which called Hanshin daisinsai. Most of the sufferers are tormented by severe fear and stress even now. As an oral report some persons who are not able to sleep at night attended yoga class. It takes long time to go to class from their shelter. As they remembered D.R.T. at yoga class, finally they could have slept every day. After a disaster also Yoga therapy was of practical use, then it relaxed their mind and body.

Many young therapists feel big theme to balancing mind and body to start with, and so they feel that how does human being live in our life through activities of Yoga Therapy.