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A Holy place of Lord Shiva (One of the 12 Jyotirlingas)

Lord Trimbakeshwara (Lord Shiva) resides in the hills of Bhramgiri, Sage Gautam worshipped Shiva. When Lord Shiva was pleased with his efforts, he came to bless him and with request of Gautama he made the hills of Bhrahmgiri his abode. Lord Shiva also carried the nector of life, in the form of holy river 'Godavari' on earth. River Godavari originates from Bhrahmagiri mountain.




View of Holy Bhrahmgiri mountain from the Ashram


Trimbakeshwara is one of the most important religious places in india for Hindus where Kumbha Mela is held after 12 years. The spiritual significance of the place is even more as Lord Hanuman (The monkey God) was born on the mountain of Anjaneri (Named after his mother Goddess Anjani) who worshipped Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is known for Devotion to Lord Rama. He played the most vital role in rescuing Goddess Sita, in the epic of Ramayana. He is the God for physical and intellectual strength.





View of Anjaneri Mountain from Ashram - Birth place of Hanuman - Thumb Shaped Mountain.



Lord Shiva Temple - Carved out of hard black Basalt rock, beautiful architecture.


......Lord Shiva Temple - Another Pic of Lord Shiva 's abode.


View from the Bhrahmgiri hills