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Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)





Like Padmasana, this is also the Asana for meditation. One can sit comfortably for a prolonged period in this Asana.


Pre Position


Sitting Position.




  • Fold the left leg in the knee and place the toe on the floor.
  • Fold the right leg in the knee and place the toe on the floor and join the two toes.
  • Sit on the pit formed by the parted heels.
  • Place the palms on the knees.





It is important to keep the spine, the neck and the head, upright in one straight line in this Asana. Keep the sight fixed at the level of the height. Don't have any pressure on the hands. The whole weight of the body be set on the spine. Continue smooth breathing, when the final position is attained.




  • Remove the palms from the knees and bring them to the sides.
  • Take out the left leg and straighten it.
  • Take out the right leg and straighten it.
  • Take the sitting position.




After a little practice, this Asana can be maintained for a long time. In the daily routine it should be kept for five minutes to experience good results. With more practice it can be kept for three hours.


Internal Effects


Along with the body, the mind also gets stabilized in this Asana. Hence, it is preferred for meditation in this Asana. Hence, it is preferred for meditation and concentration. This Asana is alsofound to be good for Pranayama.

The special fold of the legs forms one Bandha in this Asana. Consequently the blood circulation in the waist-downward parts is controlled. For this reason this Asana is recommended after Shirshasana.




The people having stiff joints and whose movements have become difficult, should practice this Asana with a lot of care. Such persons should practice this Asana after getting the joints free and relaxed.