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January 2007 - Advance Yoga Course

Testimonials -

I am very thankful to Guruji, Gandharji, Mr. Sharma all the teachers and lecturers for the nice course! For the deep and interesting knowledge of Yoga! It is beyond my expectation!
Thank You,
Natalia Kulik.

The advance course in Yogic studies was wonderful, It covered so many aspect of Yoga. It was great to deepen my knowledge of Astanga and Hatha Yoga from the ancient text. Learning the Patanjali, Yoga Sutras in detail was very helpful, and interesting. The asanas,Pranayama were a great challenge-and will improve my daily practise.
Juli Ann Talerico

From the enlightment of Buddha to the invention of Einstein's nuclear bomb, you can find some links to the ancient Yoga Sutras. In Yoga Vidya Gurukul, you can find insights into the scientific aspects of Yoga as well as theories yet to be proven by mankind. The course can certainly broaden your knowledge.
Peh Beng Tee (John)

I liked my overall stay here, I have become better in all aspects of Yoga (asana, Pranayama and Cleansing Techniques) when I go home, I will try to teach as best as I can and convey the spiritual message of Yoga to my students.
Alexander Apostolov

Returning to Yoga Vidya Gurukul for the Advance course has taken my practise and understanding so much deeper. I have enjoyed every moment of being here- whether I was putting rubber tube up my nose in the hope I could retrieve through my mouth. Eating exceptionally good food, admiring the amazing view, listening to many lectures or holding Asanas for lengthy periods. Its wonderful place and I am so privileged to be part of it.
Diana Nathan

The course is very good. It let you explore in your physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Relaxing, peaceful environment and excellent healthy food.

Overall I found the course a good introduction to advanced practises in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The sincerity of the teachers was the greatest.
Jez (Jeramy Cooper)

I will always remember Mr. Sharma and our laughing sessions. I will always remember the natural smell of the soil after rain, and people who always smile and are always happy in spite of difficulties in their life. I will remember the friendship and sharing and to learn again how to become humble. I was nice to know you happy, always stay the same; don’t change.
Hare Krishna
Guler Apostolova .