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"The lectures on different diseases and yoga therapy for those diseases were very informative and useful. The meditation sessions provided lots of ideas for therapeutic mediation to use with patients. We had opportunity to practise several kinds of cleansing techniques. Overall the content of the course was very good, and although the organisation was at times somewhat lacking, and I am sure this will also improve as the course gets more established. "
Carla Wilson (Japan)

The course gave a more wholistic approach to teaching yoga and treating people through yoga. It helped to deepen our knowledge of both yoga and dis-ease. The course covered a variety of conditions from many viewpoints due to having extra guest lecturers. There was a lot of information to take in and less practical but overall it gave a greater understanding of yoga and individual therapy treatment, knowledge all yoga teachers should have as no person is the same and no one is in perfect health. We were guided by two beautiful gentle souls, Mr and Mrs Sharma, who were inspirational and really made our time there special.
Kate Woodworth (Australia)

"The stunning surroundings and the amazing people with tremendous depth of love and dedication always fascinated me. The urge to learn more was enough attraction, which landed me again at the Ashram, and I cherished every moment there. It was like re-discovering yourself whether it was teachers of caliber of Sharma ji, the ever so co-operative supporting staff of Kitchen or Anand ji in the shop … Sometimes, I was pushed to my personal limits, but came out with flying colours as the teachers made me believe in myself more. The course material was detailed and the teaching methods were down to earth.
Wish you all the best …."
Usha Suresh (UAE)

In all 15 participants from various countries participated in the Yoga Therapy Training Course from 13 February to 13 March 2007, all participants successfully completed the course.

The course was a success under the able guidance of Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik; his inspiration was always a motivating factor for all the participants and teachers as well. Yoga Therapy is his subject of expertise for last 28 years and that proved beneficial to all the students. Mr Sham Sharma was asana teacher and was appreciated for his excellent teaching methodology and ability to make difficult things very simple..

Various lectures were delivered, prominently by Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik on Yogic Concepts, various diseases and Yoga, Dr.Prafulla Dorle on Anatomy and Physiology, Hypertension, Asthma, Depression & Anxiety, Diabetes, Dr. Lalita Joshi on Digestive Disorders, Laboratory Tests, Dr.Ashutosh Yardi on Ayurveda, Dr. Ramesh Mantri on Spine Problems, Mr.Gandhar Mandlik on Stress & Physiology of Yogic practices, Dr. Vijay Dhandey on MC problems, Dr. Jayant Sohoni on Heart Diseases.