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Asana name: Tree Pose

Sanskrit name: Vrikshasana

Meaning: Tree Pose

General Benefits:

Generally with any movement some muscles are stretched while others are contracted. In this asana all muscles are worked and stretched in the same direction which helps to remove the spasms of every muscle as well as releasing any tension that may have built up. This gives rest and relaxation to the body. Helps bone development and proper alignment of the vertebral column.

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Benefits for Women:

Therapeutic Applications:

Stress, Anxiety

Taking the Position:

In standing position exhale and while inhaling stretch both arms above the head from the sides and join the palms. Lift the heels, stand on the toes and pull the whole body upwards. Maintain the asana, breathe normally.

Releasing the Positions:

Inhale and while exhaling slowly lower both arms down from the sides. Lower the heels to the floor and return to standing position.

Anatomical Focus:

The stretch on the whole body.

Anatomical Awareness:

On maintaining balance, focus on a point in front and concentrate.


Pull the shoulders back, open the chest. Arms raised over head, palms joined in Namaskar position, upper arms touching the ears. Stretch the entire body in upward direction while maintaining the balance.


Bend the arms. Bend forward or sideways.

Precautions & Contraindications:

Take care to maintain balance.

Variations & Tips:

If there is some difficulty in balancing then raise the heels only slightly from the floor. The higher the heels the more difficult it is to balance. It is also very important to find a point to focus on. Using Moola Bandha can help to improve the balance. If wanting to advance in the practice then raise the heels as high as possible.

Preparatory Poses:

This pose is often done at the end of an asana class to relive any tension that may be remaining. It is therefore practiced after asanas, particularly standing asanas or at the end of class after meditation or pranayam, where the body may need a bit of stretch.

Follow-up Poses:

Shavasana if necessary.



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