Sinusitis is a disease related to cold-catarrh (thi ck mucus) that affects the facial cavities located within the bones of the fac e that are known as ‘sinuses’. On the interior of these cavities mucosal membranes are co nnected to the nasal tract. The mucus produced in the nasal tract gets stored in th ese cavities and can block their openings. This chokes up the voice. Symptoms associ ated with these blockages are heaviness in the head, swelling around the bones of the face, inflammation in the eyes and headache. In this case, rest is the best cure a nd can with the help of fasting; this disease can be controlled instantly.

If not treated in its early stages, sinus trouble c an last for several days and will often have frequent reoccurrences. Repeated episode s of the disease reduce the immunity of the person and they can become more pro ne to infection and other troubles with recurrent nasal congestion. As with s o many common diseases, mental and emotional distress can further contribute to th e cause and intensity of this disease.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment provided for sinusitis works prim arily by alleviating the symptoms of the disease, but is incapable of curing it. Medications such as pain- relievers, anlagen and antihistamines are commonly used. Antihistamines will temporarily reduce the runny nose but lasting effec ts are not achieved. In case of severe trouble there is a surgical procedure that i s performed. This will provide relief but once again, without getting to the root of the disease is not destroyed at its roots, there is a possibility of recurrence. The standard medical treatment is hence not enough. Yoga uproots the disease and gives permanen t relief from it.

Yogic Therapy

There are many yogic processes helpful in curing th is disease but their selection must be made according to the individual capacity of the patient. The damaged physical condition is the cause of the dise ase and yoga can improve it.

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutations are comprised of asanas, Pranayam a, concentration and meditation. This will help in bringing the cond ition to normal and will also improve the immune system.


The patient can perform all the asanas he is capa ble of performing. To start with, the Yoga Sopan course will be beneficia l. Later, significant asanas from the Yoga Pravesh course will be more effective. Asanas like Sheershasana and Sarvangasana would be unsafe as they will increase the trouble.


Types of rapid breathing help to free the sinuses . After sufficient practice of this, Suryabhedan Pranayama and Bhasrika Pranaya ma can be taught. Cleansing Processes- Vaman is very useful. It clear s the phlegm in the stomach and the respiratory tract. As a result the sinuses will also be freed. Laghu Shankha Prakshalana and full Shankha Prakshalana are capabl e of uprooting the disease. Jalaneti and Sootraneti are also useful. These will reduce the delicacy of the inner membrane of the nose. Kapalbhati has a tremendous e ffect on sinusitis due to the vigorous flow of air generated with this process.


The disease increases with an increase of mental stress as well as 110 emotional outbursts. Efforts to reduce mental stres s must be made and Yoga is a great way to do this. Yoga itself is a form of relaxation and certain techniques; especially Yoga Nidra has proven to be very effective in relax ing the mind. Performing Yoga Nidra once or twice daily will be a boon to the pat ient of sinusitis.

Household Therapy

  • Drink decoction of lemon grass (made 1/8) twice a day.
  • Mix jaggery + turmeric powder + dry ginger powder to form a pill. Take it three times daily.
  • Take handful of gram soaked and parched. Warm it a nd ingest every night.
  • Medicated smoking (fumigation) of turmeric powder.


  • For immediate relief from cold, cabbage steam and cabbage juice are very useful.
  • Warm the chest with cabbage steam for ten minutes

Cabbage Steam

Boil half a large pot of water. When water comes to boil, mix half a bowl of grated cabbage into it and cover tightly. Let the w ater boil more for two to three minutes, then remove from heat. Take the lid off an d place face down over container with a towel around head and mixture allowing the s team produced to be inhaled by both the nose as well as the mouth. Close the lid i mmediately. Open the lid and inhale steam again continuing on and off for 10 minutes. D ry the face and take some rest. Take this steam two to three times a day during the illness and I will reduce the trouble and free the clogged nostrils.

Cabbage Juice

Extract cabbage juice either with a juicer or by cu tting the cabbage into smaller pieces, grating it and then straining it wi th a clean cloth. Take a glass full of juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Juice of sweet lime, orange or apple may be added for taste. This juice is best taken when f resh when prepared. Continue to take the juice every morning while suffering from c old. Please note that the cabbages used for steam and for juice must be different.

Beneficial Diet Tips

  • Complete fasting for one or two days.
  • Natural diet (uncooked vegetables and fruits).
  • Drink hot water.
  • Have meals before 12 noon and 7 pm.

Prohibited Diet

  • Non-vegetarian food, hot, spicy and/or fried subst ances, bakery products.
  • Milk products, cold substances, sour substances.
  • Banana, guava, custard apple, cucumber, pineapple


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