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Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India

Curriculum (Classes / Workshops / Retreats)

Yoga Training Courses

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Special Courses

10 day or 15 day classes / workshops for students, these classes are

  1. Stress Management & Yoga,
  2. Pranayama and Meditation,
  3. Basic Yoga Positions / Asanas,
  4. Course for Improving Personality (increasing memory, concentration and improvement in application of knowledge, alertness, attitude)
  5. Selective Yoga Education for Kids (physical and mental fitness, with Relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra, Omkar)
  6. Tantra Meditation Classes
  7. Preventive Health Courses

Therapy Classes
Yoga Therapy Classes / Workshops
to get rid of various diseases.

  1. Selective Yoga Courses for various occupational diseases.
  2. Special Yoga Training (Yoga Sopan) for old / disabled persons.

The Yoga Vidya Dham started its activity of Yoga Education in the year 1977 by conducting classes. In due course of time Yoga University (Yoga Vidya Gurukul) was formed by Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik.

The University started various courses understanding the needs of the society, focus was mostly on applied yoga but at the same time the spiritual legacy of Yoga was never overlooked.

Today University proudly stands with more than 2,50,000 students completing Yoga Pravesh, 1,45,000 people completing Yoga Sopan, 17,000 completing Yoga Parichay course, 8,500 completing Teacher Training Course, more than 13,500 patients have been successfully treated in our therapy centers.


Yoga Point

Yoga Education

Yoga Education is the backbone to spread the cause of Yoga & hence various categories of educational courses from Yoga Sopan to Yoga Pandit have been tailored, Yoga Sopan being the easiest one.

  1. Yoga Sopan -
    This is the easiest course for the beginners and taught in 5 days (1 hour a day). It includes various simple movements of arms & legs, easy to do Yogasana, deep breathing, Omkar Japa (Chanting) and meditation. Old / disabled persons and those suffering from backache, hyper tension etc. have been benefited by this Yogic Education.
  2. Yoga Pravesh -
    This is One month duration (1 hour a day) course and various body movements of arms and legs, waist and neck etc. which are necessary for Yoga training, Suryanamaskaras simple but very important Yogasanas, various types of breathing exercises, Pranav Japa etc. are taught. Three lectures relating to Yoga are also delivered. Last one week is exclusively used for practices of the taught curriculum and practical examinations are conducted.
  3. Yoga Parichaya (Certificate in Yoga - C.Y.) -
    The next step is Yoga Parichaya. The duration of this training programme is 1 & half month (1 hour a day). It includes 12 lectures on Yama, Niyama, food habits, Ayurveda, Hygiene etc. Advance stages of Yogasana cleansing process like Jalneti, Vaman, Kapalbhati and few Pranayamas are taught. Besides practical examinations of Asanas a written test is also taken.
  4. Diploma in Yogic Studies -
    This is a more advanced course in Yoga Education. Students learn advance Asanas, cleansing processes (ShuddhiKriya), Meditaion (Dhyan), the different types of Pranayamas and Yoga Philosophy. A research work is also undertaken in this curriculum.
  5. Bachelor in Yoga - B.Y. - (ONLY MARATHI LANGUAGE)
    Presently Yoga Pandit teaching facilities are in Nashik City only. It is a residential course consisting of three sessions of one week each. The most important feature of this course is that one experiences the life of Yogi. A student comfortably sits for more than half hour in one Asana, does Pranayama for half an hour. Discussions on various subjects related to Yoga, Mind, Yogic Therapies etc. are conducted. The very outlook towards life is changed after these sessions.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

In order to spread the Yoga Educations to all possible levels and places, a number of Yoga teachers are required to be trained to do the job. Following categories of teachers are available with the Vidyapeeth.

  1. Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in Yoga Education - ( C.Y.Ed. )
    In this residential course of one month duration, Yoga Pravesh, Yoga Parichaya, Yoga Pravesh teacher, Yoga Pravesh Examiner and organising of Yoga classes are the subjects taught. thousands of students have undergone this training and all of them are successful Yoga Teachers. Even a novice in Yoga can become a Yoga teacher in this one month duration residential course.
  2. Diploma in Yoga Education - D.Y.Ed. (ONLY MARATHI LANGUAGE)
    After getting teacher certificate one has to pass 'Yoga Pravina' and 'Yoga Parichaya Teacher' courses. This also is a residential one month duration course. Several students have undergone these examinations and are conducting Yoga Parichaya classes in their cities.
  3. Bachelor in Yoga Education - B.Y.Ed. (ONLY MARATHI LANGUAGE)
    Having undergone three sessions of Yoga Pandita and training of Teacher for Praveen classes a student is awarded the degree of Yoga Pradhyapak (B.Y.Ed.). Necessary training in organising, propagation, etc. is also given. Training in Yoga Therapy, basic principles of this therapy and practicals are the part of this training.



Yoga, Meditation facilities, Ayurveda, Herbal treatment, Massage, Nature therapies are made available in the ashram. Medical Facilities including emergency services are also provided.



Ashram provides lodging facilities to students. A student is provided with an independent compartment in a house. Every house has 4 compartments, the house is self contained having attached toilet block. Independent wardrobe with a locker is provided to every student. A bed, mattress, blankets, sheets and pillow are also provided.

A laundry service is available in the ashram at cost. More...


Dining room provides pure vegetarian food in accordance with the yoga life style; the food is non spicy, rich in raw vegetables. Daily diet consists of various fruits (including seasonal fruits). Herbal drinks are provided instead of tea and coffee.

The food is supplied is strictly organic and non-processed. A precaution is taken to maintain nutritional value of the diet.

For every individual the diet is recommended considering ones requirements. More...




A good collection of books, in the library proves to be a valuable resource to aspiring Yoga Students. It includes various books on Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Vedas, Upnishdas, other Indian philosophies, Ayurveda, naturopathy etc.

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Yoga Vidya Gurukul

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Yoga University, India - Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India

Vishwa Yoga Darshan -

Vishwa Yoga Darshan is a perfect place for yoga and meditation. It is situated in the mountain range of Sahyadri, the ashram is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and natural beauties. It is an ideal location away from city and stressful modern life.

The new ashram is becoming more popular as it offers stress free Yoga Life style in natural environment. (Photos in Ashram)

This place is in the vicinity of Lord Trimbakeshwara, one of the 12 most important and aus, one of the 12 most important and auspicious Shiva Temples in India. Lord Shiva is the origin of Yoga Tradition; this makes the location of the ashram more significant. Millions of devotees visit the Shiva temple annually. Surrounding mountains are considered as the heaven for Yogis, to perform Yoga & Mediation practices. Contact

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The store provides following services at cost

  • Books and CD's on Yoga
  • Various Yoga Accessories
  • Medicines, Mosquito repellents