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Trataka (Eyes cleansing) - By Dr. Prafulla S. Dorle

Looking intently and to gaze at a small, single point until tears are shed from the eyes is known as trataka.

There are two forms of trataka . The first is bahiranga (external) trataka & the second is antarang (Internal) trataka. Here we will talk only about the bahirang trataka

The symbol / object selected for gazing is candle flame, because even after closing eyes the impression remain for long time in front of the closed eyes other objects like a crystal ball, a yantra, a chakra or even the moon can be selected for trataka. The different objects leave different impressions on the mind .so commonly a candle flame is to be used, unless your ? guru ?advice you to use a different object. For the practice of trataka sit in a dark room in a meditative pose. Place the candle flame at the eye level at a distance of two to three feet. It is important that the candle flame does not flicker and remains still through out the practice.

Keep the eyes open and gaze at the candle flame continue for 5 to 10 minutes till the eyes start watering. Then slowly close the eyes and try to keep the impression of the candle light in front of the closed eyes. Avoid any thoughts coming in the mind.

Trataka helps to improve the function of the eyes. It gives relief from eyes strain, headache & myopia & the early stages of cataract. The eyes become brighter by the practice of Trataka.

More important .trataka has an effect on the mind & brain. It is useful in cases of depression, insomnia and also will help to increase memory & concentration.

Gazing in trataka restricts the awareness of mind only to one unchanging sense stimuli that is the eyes. The mind becomes absorbed in a single perception which withdraws the mind from the external world the thoughts process in the mind is stopped. Because of this it is said that the sixth sense is stimulated capacity of the mind can be increased by trataka because the inherent energy of mind can be channel zed in the dormant areas of consciousness.

Dr.Prafulla Dorle

Note - Cleansing techniques are to be practiced only under the guidance of Yoga Expert.