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Patangasana (kite pose)


Patang - Kite

In this asana, the body looks like that of a kite flying in the air, hence the name Kite pose?


Taking the asana position


1. Exhale and inhaling, raise both arms sidewise to shoulder level.
2. Exhale and lower the upper body until it becomes parallel with the ground. At the same time, slowly raise the left leg from behind until it forms a straight line horizontally with the body. Breathe normally.


The asana position


In this position, only the right leg is left standing on the ground. The rest of the body is lifted and forming a parallel line with the ground, with the arms spread away from the body.


Releasing the asana position


1. Exhale and inhaling, slowly straighten the body and lower the left leg down to the ground beside the right leg.
2. Exhale and slowly release the arms back to the side of the body.

Practice on the other side.


Anatomical focus





On normal breathing and maintaining balance.


1. Spread the arms 90 degrees away from the body and parallel to the ground.
2. Keep the legs straight.
3. Keep the back straight.
4. Gaze at a fixed point in front on the ground to help maintain balance.




1. Bend the arms or the legs.
2. Hunch the back.




1. Strengthens the back, hips and legs.
2. Puts pressure on the nervous system and improves coordination of the nervous system with the musculoskeletal system.
3. Improves balance.


Therapeutic application



Precautions & contra-indications


1. High blood pressure





Variations & tips


Ideally the upper body and left leg should form a horizontal straight line. If it is not possible to lift the left leg to hip level, it is ok to simply lift the leg as high as possible, while keeping the leg straight.


Preparatory poses


1. Virabhadrasana


Follow-up poses



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